Sunday, July 12, 2009

Raving & Ranting

I need to go shopping these holidays
But I just can't seem to move my lazy ass.
I need to find a shopping buddy.
My sister, well, we can never
seem to find time to get together which is weird.
My boyfriend... must I say more?
And I don't have many girl friends. Which is so annoying.
Like, I just realised I don't have any close girlfriends these
past few years.
I miss that.
And the ones I do usually talk to, they're not allowed out most of the time and other factors which are in the way.
I feel so disconnected.

Anyways, on a lighter note, my friend's 18th birthday's today.
Happy birthday, Kim!

I was suppose to go to her party today.
But I didn't, and people were expecting me to be there.

I feel bad.

I don't get why I don't make an effort either.

I feel so anti-social.
Which is not good, especially when peers are one of the most important socialising agents in this life stage of adolescence (thanks society & culture).

What is wrong with me?! D:

Anyways, how do you guys like this watch?

It comes in different colours but I think black can go with anything.
I dunno, I think it's okay for a watch that's under $10.
But I'm afraid it may look "cheap".

Prophecy was today, well technically, last night at 9PM.
And I didn't go! D:
Well, I didn't mind really.
It kinda got boring, going to raves.
The guys I go with, well they're just sitting there, getting high.
So I'd be dancing by my lonesome self.
And half the time, I'm forcing myself to dance because the music being played is so boring.
I don't even know why I bother going.
When I tell people that, they say, "Cause you don't take anything".
And I'm happy I don't!
I'm not gonna cave into peer pressure and be devoured by the foolishness. No, siree!
Okay, I admit I may be over-dramatizing the issue.
If you don't understand wha
t I'm saying then you should be glad you don't because it really is foolish.
But maybe one day I'll decide to be foolish o
n my own account :D.

There's Defqon coming up in Sept
Look how huge it looks.

It's on an island on the outskirts of the Blue Mountains :O
It's a daytime rave from 11 AM - 10 PM, and I think that's better than having it at nighttime.
I just know it's gonna go off :D
But it's for 18's and over, and I am unfortunately a youngster.
There's always next time though.

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ryan said...

Feel disconnected no more! Let's go shopping together! We seriously need to catch up, lol. Actually, I'm in a similar situation. All my close friends seem to have tutor on Saturday... It's so annoying, tell me about it *rolls eyes*.

You better walk fast though! I just hate slow paced walkers... SHOPPING IS A RACE!