Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm thinking of going back to tutor.
I'm struggling in maths.
It's the teachers. They're so shit.
I mean, I've only ever had one or two good maths teacher in my high school years.
I got 52% in my half yearly report this year.
More than half didn't even pass.
And the Vietnamese international students are really damn smart.

I'm learning permutations and combinations in school right now, and I don't get shit all.
When I learnt it last year, I understood it with no problems.
That's only because I had a really good maths teacher.
But she went on maternity leave. Well, permanently.
And unfortunately, like all young people, I forgot the entire topic.

So now I am stuck with two math teachers who are both hopeless.
One of them leaves the class all time.
I think he is a good teacher, but only if he actually stayed in class.

And the other is always saying, "Don't ask me 3 unit questions, I only know how to do 2 unit."
What the hell?!
We're in a 3 unit maths class for pete's sakes.

At the same time, I don't want to go to tutor.
There's that process of looking for a good one.

And when I went to tutor a few years ago, I absolutely positively hated it.
I had to wake up at 9 on Saturdays.
And the place always seemed so cold and lonely.
No one spoke. There was only ever 5 people max at a time.

And I had a fobby tutor teacher as well.
Argh. Why are all math teachers fob?

I think parents throw their children in a tutor because they think it will make them 120% smarter.
That may be true, but really,
people wouldn't have to go to tutor if their school just did the job.

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