Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today, in a long time, I felt so happy, I wanted to cry.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Teenage crisis

I need to save up.

I keep spending it on stupid things like taxi rides which are expensive! I bought so many clothes that still have the tags on. I just don't know what to wear it too. But I still struggle to figure out what to wear. I buy so much makeup and I don't even use it that much because I need to buy more makeup brushes, but how can I buy those when I keep spending?! I have a gazillion things to buy on my shopping list.

I need a job.

But I don't live near any stores or fast food restaurants that is walking distance. I wouldn't wanna walk at night cause its' dangerous, you know. My dad would have to drive me but he's always out or asleep. And it sucks cause I have school now and if I did work, I wouldn't be able to work after school since there would only be 3 hours left 'til everything closes and they wouldn't allow you to work for so few hours. I wouldn't just want to work on the weekends 'either cause I wouldn't be able to go out so I would want to work on school days but that is not possible. If I had a job like at MacDonalds or something, I would be able to work after school but no one can drive me home and no buses are available after 9.30.

I need to get my L's.

Yeah, I did mention this in my other post so I don't really have to explain it here. But yeah, everyone keeps bugging me about getting 'em.

So I guess it's clear that it is my fault I don't my L's, so I can't get a job, therefore I don't have money.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a little over dramatic about this whole thing and it's not really a teenage crisis but it sure as hell feels like one.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So wrong

I should be sleeping right now but I'm so annoyed I don't feel like doing anything. I don't know why I'm annoyed in the first place. Maybe it's because of the 10 things post I did earlier. Yah. Lots of things annoy me apparently.

I'm watching the end of the David Letterman's Show and the performer they have on is singing this feel-good song which is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I remember having this song on my play list and now I forgot what it's called which is quite annoying. I may have to look it up.

School really bugs me. I have 2 stinking years left. Ughhh it's so... annoying. I wish I had a wider vocabulary but that's all I can think of. Well, it's my fault anyway. I could've had 1 year left but I had to be an idiot and suffer for another year. Ahhhh well, my bf will pick me up from school and shit so I guess it's all goooood *snickers*. I think through my blogging days, I will be bringing up school a lot and complaining how shit it is so I'm just warning you in advance.

I started getting into nail polish lately and been buying so much and stuffs. I hated the smell and thought of nail polish before, it disgusted me. Now I think it's so pretty! I even started filing my nails and grooming them. I think I'm getting more in touch with my feminine side these days. I don't know if that's a good thing though.

I've been reading this book by Jane Austen called Sense and Sensibility for my Extension English class. I never realised how good it is! I was given the book last year to read but I never gave it a second thought since it was written in the early 1800's and the English is kinda hard to understand. But now that I'm trying to take my studies seriously, I regret not reading it last year. Anyway, the story is so depressing and worthy to read. I'm looking forward to read Mansfield Park as well and Evelina by Frances Burney later in the year. But I'm not really looking forward to all the assessments. There's only 5 people in that class and it'd be kinda sad to come last.

It's getting late and my annoyance is wearing off so Ima jet and get a good night sleep! Ooh, I managed to find out what song the guy was playing. It was Come On, Get Higher by Matt Nathanson. Yup, nice song :)
Anyway, 'night y'all! Yeah, I'm a Texan foh shizzle.

Oh, will you look at that. It's starting to rain again.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Get to know Sophie

10 random things about me
1. I don't like soft drinks
2. The degree for my right eye is 6.50, my left eye is 5.25
3. I get jealous and annoyed easily
4. I hate the rain and the snow
5. I watch television religiously
6. I don't eat breakfast
7. I have no friends
8. I only have 1 piercing on my ear; the other 3 are closed up
9. I like eating spicy food
10. I wish I had a good-paying, fun job, close to home

9 ways to win my heart

1. Have a sense of humor
2. Take me seriously
3. Have a car to drive me around
4. Don't be a cheap ass
5. Don't be clingy
6. Smoking is a no-no
7. Be spontaneous
8. Make me smile
9. Be Adam

8 things I want to do before I die
1. Learn how to play the guitar or the piano
2. Travel the world
3. Learn a second language fluently
4. Learn how to swim
5. Skydive out of a plane
6. Go to a gym regularly
7. Make a real friend
Get married, buy a huge house, have 2 kids, have a billion grand kids, all that mumbo jumbo

7 things that annoy me
1. School
2. Being woken up for no goddamn reason
3. Lectures that go on for who knows how long
4. Movies that consists of people bursting into song and dance
5. Youngins who think they're cool and top shit - teeny bopper shit
6. Shuffling and all the things that associate with shuffling i.e. clothes, music, people
7. People in general

6 things I believe in
1. Science
2. Violence is not the answer
3. Karma
4. Being normal
5. Being an omnivore
6. 1337 speak

5 things I'm afraid of
1. Creepy crawlies
2. The future
3. Losing people
4. Change
5. Not having a real friend throughout all my years of living

4 of my favourite things
1. Adam
2. Music
3. Books
4. Food

3 things I do everyday
1. Phone
2. Internet
3. Television

2 things I want to do right now
1. Sleep
2. Eat

1 person I want to see right now
1. Who else?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Who really says that in real life? How do you even pronounce that? With a PH sound or just a P sound? Who knows. It sure is a mystery.

I don't know why I don't have my Learners license yet. Before I turned 16, I told everyone I couldn't wait to drive and I'll get it right away. And look at me now. It's already been over a year since I was eligible to get one and all I do is envy the people who already have their license. Yes, I really regret not applying for it earlier and I kick myself for it. I know the more I wait, the longer it'll take to get it. Ah well, maybe I'll be bothered when I'm 40 and sick of public transport.

I tried Serbian food for the first time today. I ate a dish called cevapi and I didn't even finish half of it because they give so much meat. I think meat is their holy grail; they have the meat while we Asians have rice.

I'm having a few complications with Everyday Minerals and I am not impressed with their service. I was suppose to get a full refund since
one of the items were out of stock, but apparently they only gave me a refund for that item. Not very happy.

If you read my last post, my assumptions were right about the next few days at school being funnnnn! Yup, all I do is sit and learn nothing since I finished the booklet on the first day. Very productive, indeed. The fun ends tomorrow and everyone is coming home! It doesn't even feel like they left at all.

Have you seen that Chupa Chup commercial where Chupa Chuck and his girlfriend are sitting in a restaurant and she goes all emotional on him? I find that ad so hilarious everytime I watch it. He's so random.

"Why won't you open your tender little heart and communicate with me?!"

Yes, why don't you, Chuck? Why don't you?

Anyway, I should get some shut eye now. See ya later, alligator. (In a while, crocodile.) Yes, I know. I'm cool like that. Cool like what you ask? Well, I'll have to make its own post to answer that question.

OK, I should shut up now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Didn't you guys just love this book? Hah, yeah.

Anyway, for the whole week, it was hot, humid and sticky. You would've been a fool to step outside. Today it's cold, gloomy and wet. Ugh, why can't the weather make up its' mind?! I hate this weather. It makes me restless and unmotivated to do anything. I do love the weather in autumn thoug
h.. it's got the nicest breeze and coolest weather.

Year 11 camp is tomorrow and I'm not going. Unfortunately, I still have to attend school and do this 75 page booklet. It's gonna be the
most exciting 3 days of my life. I can't wait.

There's n
ot much more to say, so I'll end this post with photos from my backyard.

Yup, it sure is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A new beginning

I was never much of a blogger.

I would create an account then I would think of all the work involved in maintaining a blog and I would just get a headache from thinking about it, it would put
me off. But this time, I'm gonna do it foh realz! Yay for you people!

Excuse the plainness of this blog. I'm going to try to make a header/template but I was never a genius at Photoshop. So I might ask my sis to do it for me.

I ate a tubful of clams. I was sitting there, eating them, while my dad was opening them for me. Yeah, I'm living like a king.