Thursday, February 12, 2009


Who really says that in real life? How do you even pronounce that? With a PH sound or just a P sound? Who knows. It sure is a mystery.

I don't know why I don't have my Learners license yet. Before I turned 16, I told everyone I couldn't wait to drive and I'll get it right away. And look at me now. It's already been over a year since I was eligible to get one and all I do is envy the people who already have their license. Yes, I really regret not applying for it earlier and I kick myself for it. I know the more I wait, the longer it'll take to get it. Ah well, maybe I'll be bothered when I'm 40 and sick of public transport.

I tried Serbian food for the first time today. I ate a dish called cevapi and I didn't even finish half of it because they give so much meat. I think meat is their holy grail; they have the meat while we Asians have rice.

I'm having a few complications with Everyday Minerals and I am not impressed with their service. I was suppose to get a full refund since
one of the items were out of stock, but apparently they only gave me a refund for that item. Not very happy.

If you read my last post, my assumptions were right about the next few days at school being funnnnn! Yup, all I do is sit and learn nothing since I finished the booklet on the first day. Very productive, indeed. The fun ends tomorrow and everyone is coming home! It doesn't even feel like they left at all.

Have you seen that Chupa Chup commercial where Chupa Chuck and his girlfriend are sitting in a restaurant and she goes all emotional on him? I find that ad so hilarious everytime I watch it. He's so random.

"Why won't you open your tender little heart and communicate with me?!"

Yes, why don't you, Chuck? Why don't you?

Anyway, I should get some shut eye now. See ya later, alligator. (In a while, crocodile.) Yes, I know. I'm cool like that. Cool like what you ask? Well, I'll have to make its own post to answer that question.

OK, I should shut up now.

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