Sunday, February 22, 2009

Teenage crisis

I need to save up.

I keep spending it on stupid things like taxi rides which are expensive! I bought so many clothes that still have the tags on. I just don't know what to wear it too. But I still struggle to figure out what to wear. I buy so much makeup and I don't even use it that much because I need to buy more makeup brushes, but how can I buy those when I keep spending?! I have a gazillion things to buy on my shopping list.

I need a job.

But I don't live near any stores or fast food restaurants that is walking distance. I wouldn't wanna walk at night cause its' dangerous, you know. My dad would have to drive me but he's always out or asleep. And it sucks cause I have school now and if I did work, I wouldn't be able to work after school since there would only be 3 hours left 'til everything closes and they wouldn't allow you to work for so few hours. I wouldn't just want to work on the weekends 'either cause I wouldn't be able to go out so I would want to work on school days but that is not possible. If I had a job like at MacDonalds or something, I would be able to work after school but no one can drive me home and no buses are available after 9.30.

I need to get my L's.

Yeah, I did mention this in my other post so I don't really have to explain it here. But yeah, everyone keeps bugging me about getting 'em.

So I guess it's clear that it is my fault I don't my L's, so I can't get a job, therefore I don't have money.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a little over dramatic about this whole thing and it's not really a teenage crisis but it sure as hell feels like one.

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