Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update 2.0

I've been naughty and neglecting my poor blog for too long. I applaud anyone who studies or works and manages to have the energy and time to blog regularly. I mean, I've even stopped checking my daily reads, and that use to be my life.

So I decided to blog instantly once I had the itch to blog again, otherwise you would not be reading this post for another 5 months.

Well, I've completed my first year of university 3 weeks ago and am currently enjoying being able to be a lazy slob without feeling guilty.

Here's a run down of what my break has consisted of:
  • Discovered Hungry Jack's Spicy Sauce - better than McD's Big Mac Sauce
  • Been heading to bed at 4-6AM everyday
  • Attended the KPOP Music Festival - still in complete shock
  • Finished watching The O.C
  • Started watching Seinfeld
  • Started watching That '70s Show
  • Started and finished watching Arrested Development - this show is too great to have been cancelled. So glad there's going to be a 4th season and a movie!
  • The hospital tops my list of 'Most Hated Places to Be'
  • Used facial masks for the first time with the girls
  • Scored my first real job for the holidays
  • Built my 100th floor on Tiny Towers
  • Made a terrible sandwich
  • Got into Neopets again - feel free to add me as a neofriend: sophiepophiex

Yup, you can tell my holidays have been quite eventful. Waiting for my friends to finish their exams so we can get the party started *insert big woot*.

And here's my to-do list for the holidays:
  • Read a ton of books - my shopping cart for Book Depository is ready to go
  • Attend the Harry Potter Exhibition
  • Go to the gym regularly - first and last time I went was 2 weeks ago lol
  • Buy a new phone - suggestions?
  • Learn how to drive, god dammit
  • And I almost forgot, blog more!

Going to go watch Seinfeld so until next time, bloggerinos!

Moochi_ says bye!