Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update 2.0

I've been naughty and neglecting my poor blog for too long. I applaud anyone who studies or works and manages to have the energy and time to blog regularly. I mean, I've even stopped checking my daily reads, and that use to be my life.

So I decided to blog instantly once I had the itch to blog again, otherwise you would not be reading this post for another 5 months.

Well, I've completed my first year of university 3 weeks ago and am currently enjoying being able to be a lazy slob without feeling guilty.

Here's a run down of what my break has consisted of:
  • Discovered Hungry Jack's Spicy Sauce - better than McD's Big Mac Sauce
  • Been heading to bed at 4-6AM everyday
  • Attended the KPOP Music Festival - still in complete shock
  • Finished watching The O.C
  • Started watching Seinfeld
  • Started watching That '70s Show
  • Started and finished watching Arrested Development - this show is too great to have been cancelled. So glad there's going to be a 4th season and a movie!
  • The hospital tops my list of 'Most Hated Places to Be'
  • Used facial masks for the first time with the girls
  • Scored my first real job for the holidays
  • Built my 100th floor on Tiny Towers
  • Made a terrible sandwich
  • Got into Neopets again - feel free to add me as a neofriend: sophiepophiex

Yup, you can tell my holidays have been quite eventful. Waiting for my friends to finish their exams so we can get the party started *insert big woot*.

And here's my to-do list for the holidays:
  • Read a ton of books - my shopping cart for Book Depository is ready to go
  • Attend the Harry Potter Exhibition
  • Go to the gym regularly - first and last time I went was 2 weeks ago lol
  • Buy a new phone - suggestions?
  • Learn how to drive, god dammit
  • And I almost forgot, blog more!

Going to go watch Seinfeld so until next time, bloggerinos!

Moochi_ says bye!


arsyparsy said...

I know how to make spicy sauce!!!!!!
It's delicious... You can't imagine how much mayonaisse is put into it though :(
You watch poopy shoes! Wth seinfield? 70's show? h8 u

Gerrytales said...

I haven't tried the HJ sauce, but now I want to!
Dude, we should have another facial day at my place. Before the others go overseas, we can totes chill and pamper ourselves!
Aww Moochi is cute! Take more screen shots LOL!
Anyway, finally you update your blog!
You MUZZ blog more regularly! I will be checking >:O

ShuShu ♥ said...

harry potter exhibition? it sounds pretty interesting, since i am a little HP fan, huhuh :3
you attended kpop festival? that's great! you are so busy at the moment, i totally understand why you doesn't have time for your blog.. but i guess it's normal that sometines someone doesn't feel like blogging. don't worry. your blogging-passion will return itself very soon ;)

ShuShu ♥

Belle said...

I love your blog, it's beautiful and unique! You really inspire me to improve my own blog as I am a brand new blogger. It would be amazing if you could check it out and follow me if you have the time :)
I'm following you, keep up your hardwork!!
Belle xx -