Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sad news


I know, it's been a while since I've posted.
But it's not my fault. Blame it on the exams,
I say!
Yes, I am currently doing my preliminaries right now.
I've only done 3/7 exams so far and it's the second week already.
Very slow.

Ancient history and economics was pretty easy, but english was the killer one.
It always is.
Which is very ironic as english should be anyone's best subject
, because after all, it is english.

I have society and culture tomorrow and that's it for this week.
I haven't touched my books yet. SIGH.
Well, I guess I perform better when I study after midnight.
But I think I'm tired or something, 'cause my eyes are really blurry @_@.

Anywho, you guys may be wondering why this post is titled "Sad news"?
Well brace yourselves because what I'm going to tell you is very heartwrenching. Get someone to stand next to you just in case you faint.

*drum roll*

I won't be going to my boyfriend's year 12 formal.
I know.
I'll give you this time to cry about it and take it all in slowly.

Yeah, well it's for a very stupid reason and I don't care to explain 'cause it's just too depressing.
And obviously, he's not going either.

But don't you think it's sad?! I think I'm more sad about it than him, and it's his formal.
Golly gosh.

Well, our friend suggested us to go to the after party at least but I thought, "Wouldn't it be weird?".
Because we're attending the after party and not the actual formal.
I mean, if someone did that, I'd find that quite rude.
But these people are our friends, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind, or
even give a shit.
And we wouldn't know whether to dress up or not, 'cause what if we did?
We'd look like total douchebags, getting all dressed up for an after party.
But what if we didn't?

We'd look like total douchebags anyway.
So basically, it's a lose-lose situation.
But she told us to dress up for fun anyway. So I guess, it's okay.
And while everyone's at the formal, we'd be hanging at the apartment/hotel place waiting for them to come.
Oh, this is just getting sadder and sadder.
But not going is even sadder.

Oh well, if my boyf and I don't end up going, we'll just have to do
something *special ourselves!
*: hanging at his house, watching TV, irritated at his laughing, yelling and swearing towards his computer games.

Oh yeah, it'll be the time of our lives.

I'll leave you guys with some pictures of my dad's little turtles.

"The Great Wall of China sure is marve - oh, I'm stuck"

Bottom turtle:"Get offa me"
Top turtle: "You're holding traffic buddy"

"My shell's crying"

Well I better go hit the books! Don't wanna keep them waiting!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guess what? It's my two year anniversary with my beloved boyfriend today.
So I'd like to take this time to say:

Happy 2 years, honey!

This is our most normal, recent and decent photo of us.

We don't really take regular photos as most other couples do.
We don't even take those cute sticker photos from Capitols or been to Coco studios.
He's just not into posing and waiting for the Capitol machine to flash so we've only gone to Capitols once.
And he doesn't like being told how to pose so Coco's is out of the question.

I think a normal camera photo doesn't bother him as much though.
But I feel so awkward if he looks at the camera with me.
So that's why in most of the pictures I post of us, he's not looking at the camera 'cause I tell him not to.
oh well, I guess this will have to do for now.

Anyway, I'm suppose to talk about the joy and happiness of this wonderful day.
Yep, I'm very excited indeed.
I guess it feels like I accomplished something very big.
2 years is a long time in my eyes.
This is the longest, on-going relationship I've ever been in.
And I'm glad it's with him :).

I don't think we'll be doing anything special though since every little bit of money needs to be saved up right now for other things (e.g. his formal which he hasn't even paid yet!).
But I don't mind, I'll be happy as long as we have each otherrrr.

Ngaw, how cheesy does that sound? lol.

Monday, September 14, 2009


It's funny how just taking off my glasses and adding on a few pounds of makeup (okay, not literally) can alter my whole appearance.
It's so deceiving!

Oh, and my phone's away on repairs for 3 weeks.
I don't remember if I said this, but my phone started acting up 3 weeks ago.
The touch screen is dysfunctional.
I don't know if dropping it in the toilet was the main factor, but they didn't even ask how it happened.
And I'm glad they didn't.
Hopefully I'll get it replaced 'cause there's a huge dent on the corner from dropping it on the school ground.

And yes, I have a case but it only protects the screen.
Maybe I should bubble wrap it.

But in the mean time, I'm going to use my sister's old Sony Ericsson as she just b
ought a new phone today.

The Nokia E63.

I'm so tempted to buy it but I've only had my phone for 5 months.
I got sick of my phone 2 weeks after I got it.
Maybe 'cause I never have credit so I can't call/text/go on internet?
Maybe that's why.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Look at this cute Mongolian girl sporting Uggs:

Ugg boots are invented by Australians but no one wears them here 'cept bogans who wear sweatpants and 2-sizes-too-small singlets.
And the funny thing, it's more popular overseas.
When I went back to Canada last year, it was a very big thing, particularly with the adolescence.

The majority of the girls in my school had them or wanted them.
And if it wasn't Uggs, then it was the cheaper alternative - Emus.
A girl even asked me if I wore them back in Australia.
I told her 'no' and 'I barely see anyone wear them'.
She surely got the shock of her life.
The only person I really know who wears uggs is my dad.
But he wears them as slippers around the house when it gets cold.

I personally think they're hideous.
And it's ridiculous how they're not waterproof so you have to spray them all the time.
That just defies the whole purpose if you wear them out in the rain and snow.
I can't deny that they're ultra warm though.

Oh, and isn't that picture cute?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A real post

I am so bloody tired.
I went to bed at 6 this morning, but didn't fall asleep 'til 8.
My dad woke me up 3 hours later to eat.
Obviously, I'm feeling pretty dead at this point.
So after doing meaningless nothings, I fall asleep again at 4.
Then I get waken up again at 6 to go out to eat.
I really didn't want to get out of bed but my dad wouldn't let me stay home if I asked to.
We celebrated a late Fathers' Day at Canley Heights.
Now I am stuffed.
As a result, I'm feeling even more sleepy.
But I doubt I'll be sleeping any time soon.

Anyway, I was digging through my nail polish collection (which btw, isn't many) and I found a bright, barbie pink colour.
I don't usually give pink nail polish a chance, but what the heck.
I bought it and I'm not even going to use it?!

It's Rimmel's 60 Seconds in Portobello Pink.
I've had it for a while now but I just never got around to try it.
And the seasons just weren't right for this kinda colour.
But now, it's spring!
Don't you think it's pretty?

On a more depressing note, I start my Year 11 Preliminary exams next Wednesday.
My friends who've already gone through this say it doesn't matter since it's Year 12 that's important.
But you know, an exam's an exam.
Who doesn't want to try their best and receive an outstanding result?
I do, for one.
So I'm freaking out, as per usual.
And yet, here I am, wasting valuable study time.
Go me.
But I'm glad I didn't choose the hardcore subjects e.g. physics.

I'm really worried about extension maths though.
I failed the recent class exam. 42 fucking percent.
It's my first fail in my high school years.
Besides Vietnamese, but really, who needs to know their own background language?!

And I'm kinda glad I didn't choose any sciences this year.
My brain just isn't capable of understanding and grasping logical information.

As for english, there's 3 sources, two pieces of creative writing and a
n essay on The Tempest.
I'm really sick of english. I can't stand it.
And yet, I chose extension english without any hesitation, which consists of 2 essays and comprehension.
I'm gonna drop it for sure.
I know everyone is.
There's only 3 other people who do it.
I don't want to be the only one in the class.
But there's that guarantee I'll always come first.
I don't think that's worth all the tedious work though.

I'll probably do well in society and culture since I've been coming first this whole year.
I just love the feeling of coming first all the time, haha.

Economics is mostly about understanding the information then applying it.
So, I guess you really have to show some concentration and dedication to this subject.
I haven't been doing as well as I'd like though.

And lastly, ancient history. Memorise your heart's content.
But I swear to god, it's the most boring subject ever.
I thought it'd be fun, you know?
But it's clearly not.
And my book is so fat.
It's filled with sheets and more sheets.
I'm already half way through my second book.
And the guys in my class are very smart.
They don't seem smart but they are.
They're not even trying half the time.
I wish I had natural intelligence.

I just want these next two weeks to fly quickly and quietly.
Then it's the holidays! Wooo!

Friend's 18th birthday

So my friend celebrated his 18th birthday last Saturday.
We went to eat at Kelly's Bar and Grill @ Bondi Juction.
I was meaning to upload these a while ago but I was kinda lazy to collect all the photos.

My $29.95 regular rump steak w/ mushroom sauce.
The steak got boring after a while, but the fries were gooooood.
And of course, I scabbed some pork ribs off other people ;)

Adam and I
The birthday boy and his girlfriendMan-love
Some of the boys
@ the other table

Attempt of a group photo at the beach

Went to his place afterwards.
I won a game of poker and monopoly :D

His parents and siblings were sleeping so the whenever it got too noisy, everyone was tryna shush each other. It was pretty funny.
As we were all about to head home, me and his girlfriend lost a shoe each.
We all thought it was a practical joke but suspicions were soon raised when we realised they were no where to be found.
I even accused someone. Well, indirectly.
So, we went home bare-foot.
I was very annoyed by this point and stuck to my theory that this someone took it.
Eventually, we found out that one of the guys hid our shoes in one of the trees.
Of course, I have a conscience.
So I was very disappointed with myself for accusing someone, even if it was indirectly.
Although they didn't know I did (and hopefully, will never know), it hurt those who were involved.
Even though I apologised and met amends, I keep beating myself over it.

Anyway, I had a good time with old friends!
But what's weird is, I didn't even take any photos with the girls, lol.
Oh well, there's that party next week.