Sunday, September 13, 2009


Look at this cute Mongolian girl sporting Uggs:

Ugg boots are invented by Australians but no one wears them here 'cept bogans who wear sweatpants and 2-sizes-too-small singlets.
And the funny thing, it's more popular overseas.
When I went back to Canada last year, it was a very big thing, particularly with the adolescence.

The majority of the girls in my school had them or wanted them.
And if it wasn't Uggs, then it was the cheaper alternative - Emus.
A girl even asked me if I wore them back in Australia.
I told her 'no' and 'I barely see anyone wear them'.
She surely got the shock of her life.
The only person I really know who wears uggs is my dad.
But he wears them as slippers around the house when it gets cold.

I personally think they're hideous.
And it's ridiculous how they're not waterproof so you have to spray them all the time.
That just defies the whole purpose if you wear them out in the rain and snow.
I can't deny that they're ultra warm though.

Oh, and isn't that picture cute?

2 comments: said...

From Canada:

yup we call them "that type of girl" lol [tna gear from top to bottom, tna bag, ugg boots]. But they aren't waterproof????? But I always see girls wearing them in the winter I thought they were winter boots. I guess not :S So now I have even more reason to hate "those types of girls".

But guys aren't allowed to wear ugg boots here if you do that people will laugh at you like crazy. Make sure you tell your dad not to wear them outside of the house.

It's just a phase I guess... like how people went crazy over burberry and now it's almost taboo to wear it in britain unless you're a chav. People who go crazy over trends ruin the product itself hahaha. And I will update my blog very soon thanks for asking~

whitecarrs said...

haha at my high school in the winter every single girl looks the same from the hips down i swear (i'm from ny)

never really saw the appeal of uggs tbh