Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guess what? It's my two year anniversary with my beloved boyfriend today.
So I'd like to take this time to say:

Happy 2 years, honey!

This is our most normal, recent and decent photo of us.

We don't really take regular photos as most other couples do.
We don't even take those cute sticker photos from Capitols or been to Coco studios.
He's just not into posing and waiting for the Capitol machine to flash so we've only gone to Capitols once.
And he doesn't like being told how to pose so Coco's is out of the question.

I think a normal camera photo doesn't bother him as much though.
But I feel so awkward if he looks at the camera with me.
So that's why in most of the pictures I post of us, he's not looking at the camera 'cause I tell him not to.
oh well, I guess this will have to do for now.

Anyway, I'm suppose to talk about the joy and happiness of this wonderful day.
Yep, I'm very excited indeed.
I guess it feels like I accomplished something very big.
2 years is a long time in my eyes.
This is the longest, on-going relationship I've ever been in.
And I'm glad it's with him :).

I don't think we'll be doing anything special though since every little bit of money needs to be saved up right now for other things (e.g. his formal which he hasn't even paid yet!).
But I don't mind, I'll be happy as long as we have each otherrrr.

Ngaw, how cheesy does that sound? lol.


brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

saw this on twitter (thanks for adding me on twitter!!!!!!), happy anniversary to you and him~ 2 years is a lifetime are you kidding... I've never been in a relationship that long ever so I'm quite envious. I'm going to go comment on your last post now (I was going to do it yesterday). Happy anniversary Charlie Brown! [actual line from cartoon]

ƒairytales ★彡 said...

damn i feel rude commenting on your "anniversary" post >.<"
since i didnt want to bombard you on your message board, i'll do so here (same thing really) - you're scared of myers people? trust me i get scared talking to guys serving behind a counter. like when i bought my Adidas shoes, that was suicide for me! we seriously need a girls day out. i can help you with your lash glue buying LOL.
oh whats a wand-stick?
i have two "Tiens" (boy & girl) Tien took ages to buy the headphones cos every site we tried was F*ed until i found that Marbecks site based in New Zealand :)
yes i have a bank acc but i hardly use it. i ask my mom to do my banking for me LMAO.
you want contacts? i had them for a short period but they got boring. cos the colour was crap and unnoticeable! you should get contacts - it'll be something different. oh astigmatism? sounds scary..
yes jeno has paypal, but i feel hesitant asking friends to buy something for me. i only asked Tien cos he's my close family friend and i wanted the headphones BADDDD.
i wonder why the word verfication on my post weird..