Monday, September 14, 2009


It's funny how just taking off my glasses and adding on a few pounds of makeup (okay, not literally) can alter my whole appearance.
It's so deceiving!

Oh, and my phone's away on repairs for 3 weeks.
I don't remember if I said this, but my phone started acting up 3 weeks ago.
The touch screen is dysfunctional.
I don't know if dropping it in the toilet was the main factor, but they didn't even ask how it happened.
And I'm glad they didn't.
Hopefully I'll get it replaced 'cause there's a huge dent on the corner from dropping it on the school ground.

And yes, I have a case but it only protects the screen.
Maybe I should bubble wrap it.

But in the mean time, I'm going to use my sister's old Sony Ericsson as she just b
ought a new phone today.

The Nokia E63.

I'm so tempted to buy it but I've only had my phone for 5 months.
I got sick of my phone 2 weeks after I got it.
Maybe 'cause I never have credit so I can't call/text/go on internet?
Maybe that's why.

2 comments: said...

Katherine (fellow australian blogger) wrote a comment about this once how girls can change their look so much with a bit of effort. But for us guys, nada :( Well we don't have to deal with periods and cramps, shaving, waxing, hair... guess that makes up for it XD

What phone were you using before? My touch screen started crapping out too before I got my new baby. All my friends refuse to put cases on their phones because they think it looks horribly ugly (and I have to agree..) so eh use it naked. The phone, not you.

E63? That's a superb choice sophie. 3.5mm headphone jack, symbian, great battery life, great keyboard. I don't really like symbian but it works swell. Why not E71? That was my dream phone for a while hehe.

p.s. who's the girl in the picture? She's gorgeous. said...

OH, forgot about your comment.

I burst out laughing when you said tna looks like ontario logo XD It's true!!! My friend and I said that once. Glad to see you still remember your Canadian heritage [go leafs go]. Don't know if you've been following but we cleared out the entire team and coaching, and "rebuilt". So the next 2 or 3 years should be better...

I believe to be a chav is a guy who wears stuff that is taboo to everyone else but NOT emo.

That's a chav. I think officially chav means poorly educated, ignorant, cocky, obnoxious. But anyone who wears burberry in Britain is automatically chav? So if you dress like that. You're right I don't know what I'm talking about anymore, I can't classify them either hahaha.

Your boy has tournament edition joystick??? What a hardass!! I couldn't spend that much on one >< After getting my puny joystick I kind of want to get a real one + street fighter :(

Finally, you used to live in niagara falls? Dude nobody lives in niagara falls they just visit HAHA. What the heck were you doing in niagara falls?? Living by the vineyards? That is darn pretty but so far away from the center of the universe [toronto]. Yes we still think we are the best part of Canada and everybody hates us for it. Sorry for spamming your blog today~