Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friend's 18th birthday

So my friend celebrated his 18th birthday last Saturday.
We went to eat at Kelly's Bar and Grill @ Bondi Juction.
I was meaning to upload these a while ago but I was kinda lazy to collect all the photos.

My $29.95 regular rump steak w/ mushroom sauce.
The steak got boring after a while, but the fries were gooooood.
And of course, I scabbed some pork ribs off other people ;)

Adam and I
The birthday boy and his girlfriendMan-love
Some of the boys
@ the other table

Attempt of a group photo at the beach

Went to his place afterwards.
I won a game of poker and monopoly :D

His parents and siblings were sleeping so the whenever it got too noisy, everyone was tryna shush each other. It was pretty funny.
As we were all about to head home, me and his girlfriend lost a shoe each.
We all thought it was a practical joke but suspicions were soon raised when we realised they were no where to be found.
I even accused someone. Well, indirectly.
So, we went home bare-foot.
I was very annoyed by this point and stuck to my theory that this someone took it.
Eventually, we found out that one of the guys hid our shoes in one of the trees.
Of course, I have a conscience.
So I was very disappointed with myself for accusing someone, even if it was indirectly.
Although they didn't know I did (and hopefully, will never know), it hurt those who were involved.
Even though I apologised and met amends, I keep beating myself over it.

Anyway, I had a good time with old friends!
But what's weird is, I didn't even take any photos with the girls, lol.
Oh well, there's that party next week.

1 comment: said...

wait so one of the guys hid your shoes in the trees? Even though it wasn't the accused, someone actually did that and made you two walk home barefoot? Did you at least get the shoe back? I don't think that's a very cool joke. If I found out someone did that to one of my friends he would get a hammer fist over the head. I don't like people who take jokes too far, I always meet random friends of friends who do stuff like that.

Anyway pictures look great, seems like you had a lovely time in australia and not canada :( thanks for the follow a while back hehe.