Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sad news


I know, it's been a while since I've posted.
But it's not my fault. Blame it on the exams,
I say!
Yes, I am currently doing my preliminaries right now.
I've only done 3/7 exams so far and it's the second week already.
Very slow.

Ancient history and economics was pretty easy, but english was the killer one.
It always is.
Which is very ironic as english should be anyone's best subject
, because after all, it is english.

I have society and culture tomorrow and that's it for this week.
I haven't touched my books yet. SIGH.
Well, I guess I perform better when I study after midnight.
But I think I'm tired or something, 'cause my eyes are really blurry @_@.

Anywho, you guys may be wondering why this post is titled "Sad news"?
Well brace yourselves because what I'm going to tell you is very heartwrenching. Get someone to stand next to you just in case you faint.

*drum roll*

I won't be going to my boyfriend's year 12 formal.
I know.
I'll give you this time to cry about it and take it all in slowly.

Yeah, well it's for a very stupid reason and I don't care to explain 'cause it's just too depressing.
And obviously, he's not going either.

But don't you think it's sad?! I think I'm more sad about it than him, and it's his formal.
Golly gosh.

Well, our friend suggested us to go to the after party at least but I thought, "Wouldn't it be weird?".
Because we're attending the after party and not the actual formal.
I mean, if someone did that, I'd find that quite rude.
But these people are our friends, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind, or
even give a shit.
And we wouldn't know whether to dress up or not, 'cause what if we did?
We'd look like total douchebags, getting all dressed up for an after party.
But what if we didn't?

We'd look like total douchebags anyway.
So basically, it's a lose-lose situation.
But she told us to dress up for fun anyway. So I guess, it's okay.
And while everyone's at the formal, we'd be hanging at the apartment/hotel place waiting for them to come.
Oh, this is just getting sadder and sadder.
But not going is even sadder.

Oh well, if my boyf and I don't end up going, we'll just have to do
something *special ourselves!
*: hanging at his house, watching TV, irritated at his laughing, yelling and swearing towards his computer games.

Oh yeah, it'll be the time of our lives.

I'll leave you guys with some pictures of my dad's little turtles.

"The Great Wall of China sure is marve - oh, I'm stuck"

Bottom turtle:"Get offa me"
Top turtle: "You're holding traffic buddy"

"My shell's crying"

Well I better go hit the books! Don't wanna keep them waiting!


Hieuz0rs said...

i think its not holding traffic
theyre having some sexual healing LOL if you want to come formal i can invite you : ) just say so

-elle♡ said...

good luck w/ your exams!!
on the bright side, at least you can spend some QUALITY time w/ ur bf ALONE? =) said...

sophiepophieeee this week was torture. Why is life so stressful??? I'm glad your bf liked my video hehe bet he knows my combos too. Here in Canada we call them dickheads as well what a coincidence! or shitheads... or yeah anyway. My trip to niagara falls is complete and I will be posting a few pics of it next time.. maybe it will bring back memories for you. I also went to a Leafs game!!! Don't you miss us hmm hmm?? Don't forget Canada no matter how far away you are buddy. If I may ask; do you speak english like us or like them?

I don't know what a samsung F480 is but the only elite phones I can think of right now are blackberries and iphones :S I have the latter. What phone were you thinking of buying? Well anyway I have to ask you what a formal is. Does that mean prom? Like your final high school prom or is it just a formal? I didn't go to my prom because this girl I use to like took her bf and I didn't want to see it. Boy am I an idiot. But damn I loved her. said...


i'm sorry for a late reply eh. I just had a school week (like you before. how were exams? did you do well?). You mean to tell me in your last comment that they DON'T have bubble tea in australia?? or just nobody studying at bubble tea? lol. Yeah it's not too bad... here's very "chill". People are always studying at coffee shops and stuff I dont' get it either. It is a totally incorrect place to read. I'm reading harry potter 1, and I have been neglecting it because of school. Oh well :(

Thanks for viewing my video. Teppanyaki tastes really good you need to go! My weeks are always torture, the food is like temporary escape and then I get thrown back into the lion pit. I love to eat.. that's why you see my food all the time. I am not fat at all though sorry to disappoint. I made my niagara falls post... did sophie get a chance to read it? you have to scroll down, I've made 2 posts since you last visited.

Studio Ghibli is the animation studio which created all those kiki, totoro, howl's moving castle, etc. movies. I don't know what to do with my agenda either, I use the computer for it right but I just had to have it <3 hehe! You were right about the cat being named gigi though... everybody who commented made sure I burned it into my mind from now on. How could I forget.

-ya I shouldn't have liked an attached girl. It sounds stupid, but man she was something. Her personality just shines above the rest. Tell you a secret. I didn't go to my first uni convocation either because she was in my program. It's a long story. A really really really long story.

How was the holiday??? Where'd you go? Time for a new post buddy.