Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter

I went to watch Harry Potter yesterday with my beloved boyfriend.
I didn't love it nor did I hate it.
I just liked it.
It felt rushed and there was a lot of things that were taken out.
But what could one expect? Who would want to sit through a 7 hour movie?
Yeah, I admit I would.
I mean, it's Harry Potter!
I just love the brilliance of it all. It's so mind boggling.

Everything just fits together! It's amazing.
It's funny to compare the whole cast in the first HP to this one.
They're just so grown up. Rupert Grint (Ron) is so big D:

I have to give the movie some credit though for managing to frighten me several times.
But then again, I get scared quite easily.
Seriously, it really annoys the hell outta the people I sit next to.
When I jump, they jump at my reaction and it pisses them off. It's fun
That's why I have a love-hate relationship with scary movies.
It's interesting, but at the same time, the scary music could even trigger me.

Have you guys heard of that new horror movie "Drag Me To Hell"?
When I first saw the preview on tv, I was shaking my head in ridicule.
The movie industry are slowly running out of ideas.
But I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up watching it -_-".

I know, it's ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, my boyfriend has been saying that word continuously over the past few days.
Most of the time, it's not even necessary!
I was really annoyed at first and I kept telling him to shut up but like all boys, he didn't listen.
Now I've grown immune to it and what's worst is, I'm starting to say it!
It's ridiculous.

My boyfriend is attending this fighting game event at UTS today and tomorrow.
It's like Supernova, except you don't dress up and it's all about fighting games.
Like Streetfighter, Tekken, etc.

You just compete with other players and watch.
I know, he's such a nerd. A cool one though :D.
He was unsure of competing 'cause his ass would get kicked and I agreed on that.
But I hope he does. Compete I mean.

I went shopping yesterday and it was unsuccessful.
It really annoyed me 'cause I could find nothing that screamed "buy me!"

So I'm going again today and hopefully I'll come home with something.

Oh, and I'll leave you with this.

click to enlarge

These are some questions on the practice driver knowledge test.
When I first saw this, it looked like it was both asking the exact the same thing but had different answers due to a RTA screw up. Those bastards.
Boy, was I wrong.
And blind.
My boyfriend had to tell me the difference and I am still shocked.
If you can spot the difference, then congratulations.
This proves you're not as stupid as me.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I have a lot of Vietnamese bookmarks, weird programs and other useless junk going on, it's just how the Phans roll.


Samantha said...

hey sophie, i didnt noe u had a blog, well in regards to that drivers test, my mind is scrambling to see the difference, i just cant spot it haha
and btw: u think ur bad i got scared of the 'drag me to hell' trailer

Carissa said...

lmaoooo. At first glance, it looks the same ay O_O I just don't think people notice that there are actually road lines like that. I don't recall seeing this Q ever but it's interesting o_o
I wanted to watch HP but Dennis told me it was all talk so I thought it wouldn't be that great :\ But I think I'll be seeing it anyways 'cause it's HARRY POTTER. It just is. lol