Monday, July 20, 2009


Poh lost MasterChef.
Dammit, why did she not follow the freaking recipe?!
Well, I can't say that was the reason why she lost 'cause there were three challenges, but it is a contributing factor.
Very big sigh.

But I guess I'm glad Julie won. She's k :).
Did you see when Poh's family walked in?
And the wee lil children came running? They were so cute!
I just can't wait for the next season of MasterChef. I loved it :).

Anyway, I must say that the shopping trip I went on yesterday was satisfactory.
I managed to buy a few things but not enough.
Stocklands just doesn't have enough stores.
My camera died on me before I could take pictures and I
can't charge it because my camera is from Canada, therefore it needs an adapter but my dumb sister has it -_-.
So I'll update this post when I get the chance.

Tomorrow will be a huge step in my life-stage of adolescence.
I can't say what it is just yet.
Because I know if the outcome is unsuccessful, I will be hu
gely embarrassed and devastated.
So wish me luck :).

Ohh, I just realised it's my friend's birthday today.
Happy 17th birthday, BK!~
Here ya go.

It's pink!

By the way, what do you guys think of these shoes?

Siren Geisha

When I tried these on I almost slipped on the carpet.
My boyfriend said it was "Eww".
I don't know if I'd be able to walk in these but they're so funky!
And they were on sale too, and nothing beats a sale!

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Carissa said...

O_O THOSE HEELS. lol I can't walk in heels so that would be an impossible task already. Are you taking your L's test tomorrow?? Go well if you are!