Thursday, July 9, 2009


I love looking at shoes... from sport shoes to slippers to boots.
PeepToe has really nice shoes.
I wish I had these.

These booties are $299.

These heels range from $249-$279.

These one's are 50% off, at $124.90.

I asked my boyfriend which ones he liked the best and he chose the white and black high heels, just as I suspected.
Yeah, they're pretty much out of my price range right now.
But I'm pretty sure I can find dupes for most of 'em, lol.
I don't even think I'd be able to walk in 12 cm heels though.
I guess they'd be good for sitting and looking pretty in.
Ah, one step at a time, Soph, one step at a time.


boynextdoor said...

Are you going for the rock look, or the princess look or the vintage/Urban-Greek look.

Sophie said...

Hmm, I'm not really sure. I think I like being versatile, lol.