Thursday, July 2, 2009


What do you's think of the dress?
I think it's pretty.
But where exactly would I wear it to?
And I'd probably ever wear it once if I get to.
And I don't know about the scrunchiness at the back (click to enlarge).
It looks a bit funny and cheap looking.

I don't want to be an impulse buyer.
Well, then again I can't say that since I've been thinking about it for a quite some time.


TheBoyNextDoor said...

The dress is pretty but I think it'd be tough to pull the look off. You've got to have the right *wavy* "sophisticated kind of hair and the right shoes. (Which I'm sure you could pull off). If you're worried about the "cheapskate" tagline emitted by the scrunches, spicen the dress up with a pearl necklace, pearl earrings. Anything pearly makes an outfit look more elegant, and of course, more expensive. (Just a though, BLACK PEARLS! *drool*)

TheBoyNextDoor said...

In my opinion, you could get a better dress at FOREVER NEW or some cheaper store. There's a whole illusion going on with the lighting, and the elegance of the model to make you want to purchase the product. It just looks like a normal dress to ME (behold the power of advertising). You can find a wayyy better dress out there somewhere. By the looks of it, it looks expensive too. BOTTOM LINE: Invest in something that's cheaper, and a bit more sophisticated. But that's my opinion of course (and I know this line was totally inapprorpiate because it's obviously MY opinion. who elses? DUH!)...And I hereby end my ramblings. DO NOT BUY THE DRESS.

Sophie said...

LOL. Don't worry, I decided not to buy it. And yeah, I agree with you about everything. But it's actually only $20 XD.

Samantha said...

=O that would be nice for formal, where did u find it? how are u finding these bargains? lol but i do agree with the 'scrunchy' thing, looks tacky but i love the ruffle part [front view]