Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Year 12

Year 12 is the biggest bitch.

As people reached this god-for-saken grade, all I heard was complaints about how much year 12 sucks and that they wanted out.
And I would just think they were over reacting.
But it's so goddamn true.
It totally kills my life.
It's only been 4 weeks and it's already killing me.
There's so much to do but so little time to do it in.

I have an in-class essay for English about belonging and choosing texts that relate to my prescribed text is :@.
My prescribed text is Emily Dickinson's poems.
Do you know what she was like?!
All she did was sit in her room all day, writing poems about how she was too scared to fit in and all she did was mope about it.
All I can say is grow a pair.

I need to decide on a topic for my Personal Interest Project for Society and Culture rather quickly because we have to do a speech on our introduction in 3 weeks time.
I have abso-fucking-lutely no idea what to do.
No drugs, sex, depression, death, emo-culture related topics either.

I also need to choose a topic for my major project for Extension History.
I don't know :(.
I may drop the subject if need be.

But any ideas will be greatly, and I MEAN, greatly appreciated :).

I have to say though, that I have a slight advantage since all my friends are high school graduates now, so I can always go to them for help.
But still, I don't know how they were able to cope with all this.
It's too much to handle.
But I know it will be all over and done with in a blink of an eye, and I'd be wondering what I was so stressed about...


Vivian Rocks. said...

I SO AGREEEEEEE! :( Year 12 can get fucked.

gossipboy said...

Well, you've mentioned the Society and Culture Assignment thing several times, but I always think to I wouldn't be able to help so I never said anything. But seeming as though you're still quite stuck in the mud I might as well embarass myself by saying suggesting some random idea.

How about the loss of innocence? You could explore the phenonmena whereby a child enters a state of mind which alienates them from them in terms of emotion, physicality etc.

It's something I'm pretty passionate about.

Or the sexualisation of children in today's contemporary world?

You could delve into themes of Sex Vs. Art. Eg. The Bill Henson drama.

-The boundaries which define the realms of childhood and adulthood.

- Are children growing up too early in today's world? What is this a result of?

* * *

I'm also pretty fascinated by anything feminist. So maybe you could think of something like that. Nothing about racism, equality and prejudice and all that Z z z stuff though. Z z.

Try reading Margaret Atwood's speech "Spotty Handed Villaneses" for more ideas.

If you need any more help, let me know! I kinda miss English actually. Actually, I miss it ALOT!

gossipboyy said...

As for Belonging well, I don't think its extremely important what text you use. I think the most important thing is the commonality of the texts (in terms of theme, technique... etc) - or sometimes - the differences. For example, belonging in one society may be strictly enforced and undesirous whereas belonging to a society in another text could be represented as something that is extremely important, desirable and important to one's wellbeing.

Use key words when writing your essay. Such as "security", "affiliation", "conformity" and link these words to your text and how these ideas about belonging are conveyed through use of techniques.

I'm not familiar about Emily Dickonson's poetry. But personally, I would recommend Lord of the Flies by (I forgot) and 1984 by George Orwell. Maybe The Catcher in the Rye - aswell?-. Also, if "Six Degrees of Seperation" isn't relevant to your concept of belonging, it may spark some ideas to go with your society&cul assignment. It's a very short play which you'd finish in like 20 mins?

gossipboyy said...

Overall, I don't think it's important what text you use, but more of what you write. I mean, I did a really cliched "2D" film - Mean Girls. But it was the way I explained concepts & ideas and linked these to techniques that was important.

* * *

PS. If you're into Euthenasia "Whose Life Is It Anyway" is a very good play which might inspire you. I find that reading different books helps me get ideas. Often it comes randomly, after a bit of waiting time. You eventually find a topic you wanna do.

When I was doing English Ext 2, I moped for 3 months about my topic. I eventually found it one day when I was sitting in the car, on facebook (laptop). I realised technology and the internet was a big paradox - it was supposed to connect me yet made me feel more disconnected as I sat there using it. That's how my story came about.

Let me know what topic, you wanna do! And if you ever do like those survey thingys, I wannna do one! lol I like doing surveys lol

* * *

Please ignore all spelling and grammar errors! I am a spellcheck freak!

gossipboyy said...

lol Just to add to the last few comments everyone's been talking about in the Cbox (Since I can't fit my comments there)...

* * *

I know this sounds really cliched.

But the only way to get through the HSC... is to do stuff you LIKE.

I know... I know..

This line is extremely overused.

But it's VERY true.

When I did EE2, I tried to write a story about some extremely technical topic. I HATED it. When I wrote about Barbie Dolls, I enjoyed coming to class - and even though the topic was shitty, I found that I could always mould it into something better - AND INTERESTING.

From the HSC, I learnt that it's not the destination that is important - it's the journey. Before EE2, I thought this was really stupid. I thought to myself - OMG this thing called the HSC will determine my fucking destiny and all you can tell me is to APPRECIATE THE JOURNEY?! What if I have a really bad journey and end up fucking up my fucking HSC?!?

But when I approached the thing with an open mind; when I let go of pressures like "omg, I HAVE to do well" or "omg i can't do this topic 'cos its just so stupid and typical!" I found that it was more enjoyable; and that the topics and texts I thought were stupid previously, had been really valuable to my understanding.

But really, don't work yourself too hard in the 4th (yr11) and 1st terms. You'll wear yourself out.

In regards to topic choices, go with your heart but use your head. Do something YOU really wanna do, but also something which you think you can mould into an intellectual piece of material.

* * *

The only way to get through the HSC is to enjoy it and appreciate it. You can only appreciate it by getting in there, starting it and ACING IT. So pick a topic and just GO WITH IT.

* * *

And I bet you haven't been starting your assignments on the first day you received them HAHA!

- Srry x 1000 for the ramblings!

Gerrytales said...

EURK! year 12
I'm glad i'm out of school. I do miss it now and then, but i am 80% happier leaving than staying.
Wow, you are actually focusing and doing your homework! I never really did any of my homework, only assessments/assignments.
lol Emily Dickinson - it must be a total bore studying her..
- - - - -
Speeches are quite fun, i use to be so scared of giving speeches. but i actually like them now - well it depends what you are talking about. Feminism is a YES! I could go on forever with that topic.
extension history? *shivers
Oh, i still have some of my ancient history notes, if you need them, just ask!
- - - - -
Dw Sophie, when 2010 is over, you can party hardcore!

All the best Soapy :)
(see you in a weeks time!)

Eileen Truong said...

My personal Interest Project was Done in one week - the week it was dued LOL.

Mines was "intercultural differences that influences disputes in mother daughter relationships"

i recall using - observation and self reflection as my prime methodologies. Questionnaires was so pointless but hte teahcer made me do it.

I hope my idea can fuse some thoughts for your PIP. I HATED IT SO FUCKING MUCH DRAINED MY LIFE OMFGMAN

take care sophiee ! GOOD LUCK