Sunday, November 8, 2009


I didn't even end up doing anything on my to-do list 'cept 6. Gees.
When I was buying the scrapbook, I was contemplating between Dora the Explorer, Bart Simpson and a lizard one.
Dora the Explorer was too teeny bopper, Bart Simpson looked gay, so I took the lizard.
The ugliest one.
But at least it has a section on the cover where it states, 'This belongs to __________'.
That's cool.

Anyway, my friend (hey look, I didn't mention his name) is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, but unfortunately I can't go because of school.
Most of them just finished their HSC, so they're free. Free from high school!
I, on the other hand, is still going through the last year.
And it seems like they're gonna be having so much funnn!
Fishing, swimming and bbq.
Aw, sucks to be me.

My boyfriend cut his hair, mohawk style.
Yeah, he thinks he looks cool but he won't admit it.
I wanted to take a picture but he didn't let me.
I'll take a sneak shot when he's playing games, heh.

Anyway, later taters.


Gerrytales said...

if i had to choose between the three scrapbooks, i think i would of made the same choice lol!
you mean the bday in wollongong? yeah Jeno told me about it. something about waking up at 4:30am!
yeahh, sure sounds fun..
LOL mohawks are ok, i think the best mohawk is Roxas from K.H. (side mohawks are cute!)
-gerry said...

so i stayed up until 6am last night, and will probably do the same tonight while I rush to hand in another paper. But I can't observe anymore I must leave a quick comment on sophiepophie's blog. The non-commenting was killing me.

I saw the list and thought "oh jeez that's quite a lot of things to do" lol. Too bad :P It's probably punishment for not taking pics of the wings, AND ignoring my attitude twitter response hahahahaha. just messing with you.

All my australian blog readers/bloggers i read are finishing high school o.O don't worry sophie you will WISH you were still there after you leave. just take it easy, it'll fly by. Doesn't suck to be you :P You have a great bf, photogenic looks, lovely friends. Sounds like a wonderful life to me :)

-please take a pic of your bf's haircut. blur the face if he doesn't want to show. and tell him to get off dota. we at soompi perfected a solution to this problem.. give us his username and server he plays on, and we will continue to kill him until he gets fed up with losing and spends more time with you.

-i bookmarked your long write up k, im so terribly sorry for pushing it off for so long. i know you said it's fine but really it's not. I take care of my blog readers.

gossipboy said...

Big LOL @brutaltutle post above me about the Soompi Dota Strategic Plan. LOL Love the scheme. Hope it's effective.

* * *

It was a really good day for Wollongong : ) Not too hot or cold. I think the best thing to do today would be to head for a swim and watch the steam rise when you hope into the water. Ahhhhhhh.

Here's just an idea.
If the comp's being a distraction, just allow yourself to get on, do your daily online stuff (excluding MSN. Then when you're done, you know your internet live has been updated, so committ yourself to your work for the rest of the night. Instead of waiting until your work has been done - you'll just keep feeling urges to get on the comp - might as well let yourself enjoy the privileges, then head back on track.

Note though, that you'd monitor your internet time. Say 1.5 hours online after school - the rest of the night would be dedicated to HW etc. And days when you don't have homework or don't have much HW, you can take the whole night off, just to reward yourself.

I dunno, just a thought? Tell me if you try it!

gossipboy said...

Er, excuse all my spelling and grammatical errors please - I am so embarassed!