Friday, November 6, 2009

Very productive day

Well, today was very exhausting.

Went late night at Parramatta to help my friends - Chloe, Teresa, Jenny and later Vicky -pick out their dresses for their year 12 formal (you know, I think this is the first time I actually mentioned my friends names in my blog besides my boyfriend's and the birthday shout outs. Weird huh?).
It was an utter failure because it was so hard to find a decent dress they liked.
One wanted a flowy, bright-coloured dress and the other wanted an innocent-looking, white dress with thick straps.
They couldn't be that hard to find could they?!
But they were.
And obviously, you can't buy the shoes and accessories without buying the dress first.
That's just the rule.
So we ended up buying food and more food.
And we got free mini boxes of cereal! I love free stuff, even if it's not useful.
I saw many nice, wonderful things I wanted to buy, but I forced myself not to look at them.
There were sales too :(.
But I must save up money. Very important.

For the first time in my life, I actually sat down on a chair during a shopping trip.
Me? Sophie Phan? Sitting down? During shopping?
That's outrageous!
But my feet were hurting, I only had an hour of sleep, school was wearisome and the girls gave up.
So my tired legs found the nearest chair in Myers and sat down next to Chloe who was Facebooking away - I gave up pestering her to get off her lazy ass and look for a goddamn dress.

Sooo, Chloe and I will go on a mission to find her perfect dress again, but this time at the city.
I told her no complaining this time otherwise I'll make her wear a potato sack to the formal.

Cannot wait for tomorrow.
It is Friday - or should I say, TGIFT -
Thank God It's Friday Tomorrow.
No? Aw.

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