Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sailor Moon

As a child, I absolutely loved Sailor Moon.
I'd come home after school and watch it everyday.
I even had the movies on video tapes.
My favourite character was Sailor Mercury because she was blue (my favourite colour at the time) and she was the brains of the bunch.
But I never realised how ecchi it was until now.
It contains a lot of sexual content but it's very vague.
For example:

Their skirts - they are short as fuck.
I can tell they rolled them up, hence the outward angle of the skirt LOL.
Trust me, I'd know - a lot of lil girls do that in school and it's so obvious.

I always knew there was something strange about Sailor Mars...

One of the most common feature of ecchi anime is underwear.

The lesbian couple - but they never wanted to admit it.

I don't know what they were thinking, but I'm sure many young girls admired Sailor Moon as well.
My childhood was based on lies D:
Tragic, I know.


Gerrytales said...

LOL wow i didnt notice all of that until now! I use to love sailor venus (because she had long hair, and my ex best friends called dibs on sailor moon and mars)
Their skirts sure are short :O what a scandal! but its still pretty popular for a classic anime series.
now that i think about it - eurrk, how disturbing. My mom use to walk across the room a pause for a minute. I think i know why now.. she was probably thinking - "cartoons teaching bad stuff to my girls"
Oh and finally, Hi 5!
I had sailor moon on tape toooo

Madeleine said...

I love Sailor Moon!
She is my hero!
My favorite was Pluto!
I love your blog!

gossipboy said...

I used to watch Sailor Moon. For like a minute during the episode.

The minute in which she transforms and all her clothes dissappear. I like it to this day, not to sound perverted - lol!

Nah, I'm kidding, the scene where she transforms is just so beautiful - the glowing swirls and everything; so glamourous!

* * *

I don't think these sexual allusions were intentional were they?!

Did Cardcaptors have any sexual references?

gossipboy said...

Did you have a crush on Tuxedo Mask like the other girls? said...

I finished my essays, so I can finally reply back. The first thing I did after printing my essay was log onto sophie's page :P Let's begin the last 16 posts + your comments HAHAHA:

-I like how you said sailor moon's "skirts - they are short as fuck". Very nice use of swearing there! Indeed they are hehe. You had a crush on tuxedo mask didn't you I know you did. I love it when girls do that to their skirts, roll em up :)

-is that your macbook? -_-

-I never use tumblr so I can't do anything for your tumblarity sorry :( But I did do 7 interesting things for you and Anna on my blog. Like your thing from facebook except shorter!

-how was your friend Chloe facebooking at the mall? was there a public computer or something?

-why do you take taxi rides to school!?!?! You ballin homie! I've never taxied to high school in my entire life!

-hey what was that about trying but not succeeding. you ok? Something wrong? lemme kno.

-I challenge your boyfriend to a match of street fighter 4. If I win, he has to stop playing games and pay more attention to you. If he wins, I'll stop playing games and pay more attention to you. (im kidding no hate no hate.)

-I watched the guy who almost got hit by a bus so many times.... he was like jogging by lol.

-YES you mentioned me on your blog! Grace Park is hot as slice, but how do you not know who she is do people not watch battlestar galactica down there in australia?? She's Canadian too, and married to a Korean-Canadian. So sophie can be proud of her. Man those pictures you put up were horny as fuck.
replying to your comments:
-thanks for complimenting on the layout hehe... it is indeed cute. I only like having hot pot once in a while too, I get tired of the taste so quick... I ate it twice in a month and I'm done now I don't want to anymore.

-economics. I finished macro, doing micro next term. I really hate graphs sophie I just want to flip the entire table over during glass and tell him to "graph this!". Frig. Are you taking it because you want to do accounting?

-I photoshopped kimura's face because I don't think I'm as awesome as my pretty blog readers.. but I think I should just put a pic up. Who cares right, I just meet many of my readers in real life no big deal... reveal the ugly first and get it out of the way XD

-my friend DID like the cupcakes just like you said. She messaged me and said she felt so bad AHAHHAHA my plan worked~!!!

-my email to you will have to wait, I have to think about what happened with her when I was in high school a little bit before I write it up. I'm not even sure what happened lol.. let me brainstorm for a while. But I wrote down your email, so don't worry i got it :)

-I almost got arrested for running away from a bee because I covered my head with my jacket and ran to the backyard, my neighbour saw it and called the cops thinking I was going to mug someone. SIGH. I'll explain it in a post one day. I think I can hear you laughing while sitting in Canada.

-SOPHIE. Why do australians want to hear canadians saying banana and about? What's so funny about it? I don't get it! lol. How do australians say it?

-Speaking of Rain I was watching family guy and saw an ad for ninja assassin. He's playing ninja isn't he -_- I can tell his eyes when I see it.

(sorry for late reply bud). I'm back.