Friday, November 27, 2009

School reports

I got my Year 11 report during school today.
It was OK, not too great but not too horrible.
Rankings are more important than the actual % right?
So to make things short:

English Advanced: 12/107
English Extension: 1/4
Mathematics: 32/107
Mathemetics Extension: 22/36
Economics: 4/24
Ancient History: 24/93
Society & Culture: 1/10

I could have done better, especially with maths 2U & 3U.
That's just ridiculous.
I didn't do so well in my yearly exams for english advanced and extension, so I'm quite pleased.
But overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

I was planning to drop extension maths today because I have an exam this Monday that I clearly have not studied for at all but my teacher was so desperate to keep me.
"Just stay, sit for the test, write your name, don't have to do anything, drop later".
It's because he's afraid the class will collapse due to the small number of students and everyone will be transferred to the other extension maths class and he doesn't want that.

So I dunno.
I'm so lost?!
I want to drop it and not sit for the exam because it's doing my head in so badly.
I don't want to study for something I'm not giving 100% in.
And I have other exams/assessments to worry about.

I have done jack shit, seriously.
I really don't want to put up with this stress.
I want to drop out of school altogether and be free~
But of course, I can't.
And no one will let me.

I just want it to be over, quickly and painlessly.
That's all I ask.

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gossipboy said...

Keep until next year. There's no harm in that. I didn't drop Community & Family Studies 'til Term 1 the following year (I ended up regretting it).

Keep it, HSC isn't something you should throw or toss away in a second. Work harder.

Enough complaining - more work !

You need to find a motivation.

What are you doing this all for?