Saturday, November 7, 2009

To do list

1. Research on a text on Romanticism for ext english.
2. Do 1 tonight.
3. Catch up on ext maths hw.
4. Complete textbook questions for economics.
5. Do 3 & 4 by tomorrow.
6. Buy a scrapbook for economics.
7. Do 6 tomorrow.
Think of a PIP topic for society & culture (HELP)
9. Do 8 ASAP.
10. Call ANZ to change mailing address to residential address.
Call Centrelink regarding my lost password on the site.
12. Do 11 by 14/11/09.
13. Visit the optometrist and tell them my contacts are blurry.
14. Do 13 tomorrow.
15. Re-dye hair - I hate how there's still brown in it.
17. Find a dress to wear for friend's birthday party.
18. Complete all of the above.

I could continue this list with things I need to shop for... but I won't.


Edit: You gotta give me credit for some progress.

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