Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Feeling quite sad at the moment.
My tumblarity on tumblr went down from 225 to 94.
Probably 'cause I kept reblogging from the same tumblr.
Didn't even know that could happen.
And I have to stay after school tomorrow for my first lesson of extension history.
I regret choosing it.
And I need to choose a topic for my society and culture personal interest project (PIP) pretty quickly.
Fuck I hate this.
I was going to say FML but stopped.
There are people out there who are experiencing more unfortunate things than someone who dropped their phone in the toilet or had their tumblarity plummet.
And here we are, throwing the words around like it's nothing.
Where's the justice in this world?!
Okay, I should stop now.


gossipboy said...

Oh soph-ie! LMAO You crack me up!

V I V I A N said...

LOL what's tumblr? I looked at yours and have no idea with all them pictures >:)