Sunday, November 1, 2009


I really need some motivation for this year.
I was really pumped in the holidays, but I'm sick of it now.
Homework is just piling up on my desk slowly, gradually.
Arghhh, what do I do?!
I don't want to be a lazy blob who leaves everything 'til the last minute.
I really need some change.
I was good before, but when year 11 hit, I just became really, super, ultra, mega lazy.
I need to reorganise my priorities.
Set some new year resolutions for 2010! - I know, it's not 2010 yet, but this is very important!

So here goes:

1. Eat breakfast every morning whenever I can.
2. Have a notebook ready for English - my teacher gives away A LOT of good points.
3. Listen in class and actually do work.
4. If I'm unsure of something, ask the teacher, not the person next to me.
5. Right after school, eat then do some HOMEWORK!
6. Cannot touch the TV or computer until I finish every single piece of homework.
7. Start assessments early, preferably the same day I received it.
8. Write study notes RIGHT NOW so I won't have to cram right before the HSC.
9. Revise everything new I've learnt everyday.
10. Minimize the amount of times I go out a week.
11. Lights out before 2AM!
12. Prioritise Facebook games last - being the highest level in Cafe World on my friend's list does not help me in obtaining a high ATAR.
13. Spend money wisely. Only buy things I really need and will actually benefit me.
14. No more taxi rides! Please!
15. Exercise regularly - push ups, sit ups, jogging anything.
16. Eat healthy! - More vegetables and fruits, less chips and candy.

That's all I can think of right now.
I think I'll start this next week... or maybe the week after...


Anonymous said...

I had 14/16 goals in common. I always put facebook before homework. I always ended up asking the person next to me because the line to the teacher was too long. I didn't do my assignments on the first day because "I'll do it tomorrow - It's only a day later" or "I have other homework to do" or "I feel reallyyyy exhausted". It gets tough. I sucked at it. You might be better/disciplined though.

With English, I reckon you should perfect your essays at the end of each topic. And dedicate time to memorise your essays during the holiday breaks. Don't wait till Term 3 holidays next year. You'll thank me, lol.

With other subjects try to read notes before you actually learn it in class and write down a set of questions to be answered by the teacher the next day.

And if you're thinking of doing English Extension 2, it's a great subject! I highly reccommend it!

Good Luck!

Haven't gotten GREAT results, as of yet, but I've been through enough to say a thing or two, lol.

gossipboy said...

Last comment was by moi, btw : )

Lilee said...

love the header! ahhhghhghgh i hate studying, but you just gotta do it! nice blog.

Gerrytales said...

wow - is this new year resolution?
wait, since you are already carrying this out - this probably is a before christmas resolution? haha, you sure are determined to do well - i think i did crap for my HSC... GG
have you decided on what course you want to study yet (at uni)?
i bet you are aiming high!

oh, btw do you know how i can enable my comments? its annoying me to the core..