Sunday, November 29, 2009

Girls are Evil

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Gerry said...

OHHH lols! i wonder who came up with that. It's clever. They should do one for boys!

reply to cbox -
Jackie sure is a sneaker freaker, If i had money, i'd probably become one too. For clothing, i don't seem to mind what brand. If it's nice, i'd buy it. But shoes are a different story :)
Sprinkled salt on the slug?!?! I have done that once, the slug/snail melts (it looked so painful, i feel so bad)
"did i buy anything else?" Lol i bought a certain someone(s) gifts.
"what ice cream flavour did i try?" I just got lychee with the whipped cream and chocolate sauce.. So typical Gerry

I'm still deciding on what to wear for this saturday :( It narrows down to two choices - a Boobtube dress or a Baby doll dress...

Are you having problems deciding?

- Gerry