Monday, December 28, 2009

100 Things to Watch in 2010

This is from the list of 100 Things to Watch in 2010. Here's a few things that caught my eye:

1. 3D at Home
- All I can say is awesome.

11. Brighter Colours - I've seen too much black, white, beige. Can't wait to have some funky colours into my wardrobe.

35. Gaming Software - More handhelds/apps, less consoles. This will be interesting.

60. Mobile Money - People will be able to send money via their mobile phones as quickly as they would a text msg. This is going too far, dontcha think?

61. Mobile Ticketing - Flashing mobile phones at airports and event venues will replace paper tickets. Aw, but I really like saving the paper tickets.

73. Public Bicycles - Is this cool or what? I would totally use these since I don't have a bike lol.

78. Silent Dance Parties - Dancing to the beat via headphones. This seems ridiculous but I guess it prevents noise pollution/angry neighbours and no one will fight over the song choice.

80. Slow Beverages - Anti-energy drinks which promotes calming and boosts concentration. I dislike all energy drinks so this might be good.

99. Wonder Girls - Surprised much? Although I'm not that into them. If only it was Big Bang or something lol.

3 comments: said...

yuck i hate korean bands, big band wonder girls etc. I go to a korean fellowship and I still can't stand teeny bopper music =D I got through my jpop phase, i'm into hiphop now... so i hope they won't be big.

avatar was good? I'm gonna watch it then, thanks for the review soph. I don't know where to show you a pic of me, I don't want to post it online ><

Gerrytales said...

I laughed so hard at number 78
haha sounds fun but, we should throw a silent party some day :D

- Gerry

Sophie said...
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