Monday, December 28, 2009


I didn't do much for Christmas. Just had a small party on Christmas Eve at a friend's place with a few people.

Ate chicken nuggets and jumbo-sized dimsims, made tacos and munched on cherries, rambutans and pineapple pieces. Watched 'Major Payne' and 'Not Another Teen Movie' - I know, what Christmas movies.

Only the guys drank but the only drinks available were jรคgerbombs and the recommended intake for any energy drink is one can a day so obviously, they all felt really sick after a while from drinking too much.

Anyway, while we were all watching the movies, everyone was spread out around the room with their 'other half'. 4 couples. I found this really funny, I dunno why.

The time flew by pretty quickly and it reached Christmas Day. Then finally 5 AM. Some of them decided to sleep over, and the hostess even laid out 6 piles of pjs and toothbrushes for each person. Her boyfriend kept calling them 'constellation prizes' -_-".

But Adam felt pretty bad from the drinks so we decided to walk home. Konked out immediately then woke up at 6 PM. Still Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, we didn't take any photos. Guess we forgot lol.

Didn't get to spend Christmas with family but I guess there's always next year. I gave my dad and step-mom their presents yesterday though. They didn't even open it in front of me! I had to leave the house right away. But my dad did give me money. Practically blew it all away the same day though -_-".

Now all there's left is New Years Eve! Probably gonna spend it at the beach or watching the fireworks in the city. Can't wait :D.

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