Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping was the worst experience ever last night.

Got to Parramatta at 9.30 PM with Adam, packed as, obviously.
I really hate walking in crowds. This tells me I should've went Christmas shopping before.
I already knew what to buy so I went to Myer department store.
Went to the area where they sold electrical appliances.
Found my present for my dad, which was a neck and shoulder massager.
The box was all screwed and it was the last one so I just took it.
Tried looking for the foot spa for my step mom and Adam's mom.
The store assistants told me they were sold out but they did have one on display but it may be dusty.
It wasn't just dusty. It was old and crusty looking.
I told them no thanks so they told me to try this other store.
Bought my dad's present, went to the other store.
They did have a foot spa but it was $100?! The one I wanted was only $40.
Obviously didn't get it. Saw my dad's present, all newly boxed. Annoyed.
We wanted to go to Big W to see if they had it and Adam wanted an air canister for his tower.
Found out Parramatta didn't have Big W. How is that possible?!
Went into Target, searched for the foot spa everywhere.
Asked a store assistant, said it was near 'cosmetics'.
Wasn't there at all.
Contemplated about getting my step-mom a hair curler.
I know, a 36 y/o woman curling their hair? Unlikely.
Went into David Jones, didn't see the foot spa.
Did see a mini foot massager. $50.
Told Adam I was just gonna get a present for my step-mom and not for his mom.
I could tell Adam was disappointed.
But I'm not loaded ya know.
Purchased the thing, found out it was only $30.
Decided I was gonna buy it for his mom too.
Took the last one.
Didn't want to look like an idiot for buying something again so we went to find another cash register.

Finally finished and went to eat.
I ate chicken teriyaki udon soup, he ate prawn and dumpling noodle soup.
Best moment of the day.
It was almost 12, closing time, so we headed to the station.
Arrived at Granville.
A train was just arriving on the platform we were suppose to be on, so Adam ran for it first, not checking the schedule.
Found out we were going BACK to Parramatta.
Ended up in Parramatta station again, found out we had to wait 1 hour for a train.
Finally came, arrived at Granville.
No more trains after 12 so had to take a Night Ride bus.
Waited another hour for it to come.
Cockroach crawled on me.
Bus came, they said it didn't go to Cabramatta, but stopped at Fairfield.
Took the bus anyway, knowing we had to walk for an hour to get home.
Arrived at Fairfield and found out we could take a Night Ride bus to Cabramatta.
Jumped on that and arrived at Cabra.
Walked to Adam's house and a group of tb's were in front of us, knocking and running on doors.
Adam said it looked like fun.
I told him to join them.
Finally arrived at his house.
It never felt so good to be home.

The morals of the story are:
Don't go Christmas shopping last minute, check your train schedules, don't always rely on your significant other and never sit near bushes.

Anyways, here's what I got them!

Red is for Adam's mom, the purple is for my step mom

My dad's present

All wrapped! I don't care much for ribbons and bows though lol.

I didn't even get them a card -_-".
Probably have to go out today and get them.

I'm pooped now.
Christmas shopping is so much work.
And I only did it for 3 people.

Andddd I still have to get my Secret Santa something.
Gonna order it online.
Sigh, money money money!
Spending all of it on Christmas shopping and going out so much.
Too many people's birthdays are around these months.

Okay, too much talking.
It's 7 in the morning and I haven't slept yet.

Hope you have all a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!


Gerrytales said...

ohh wow soapy, your xmas shopping sounds horrible! You must be dead tired. The only present i bought was a box of chocolates for my cousin, and she gave my a necklace in return. How come you guys went at 9:30pm? that's abit late =/
eurghh, i hate cityrail, something similar happened to me, Darin and Julie..
Oh yeahh,
Happy Christmas Eve!

- Gerry said...

merry christmas sophiepophie!!! it's 8:19pm december 25th in Canada right now. I hate shopping too, I hate it when places are packed. Were your parents happy with what you got them though? You are so nice to answer all my questions in my post hehe, when I said australia I was indeed sort of referring to you :) Because you would know~ I guess Toronto isn't all that bad, like it's not the most exciting place at times but it does have some good points when compared to other cities. For a while I thought it was so boring here, but then I actually went out to see the city for what it is and you know what? I like it.

your park pictures looked so fun! I wish I had a huge group of friends like that. I have friends here and there but no crew. Sophie, 23 degrees is summer for Canadians HAHAHA. Get into the water, 23 degrees is HOT.