Friday, December 18, 2009

Blue frogs

Got my contact lenses case in the mail the other day.

They're so cute!
Only $6 including P&H.

I'm planning to buy some coloured contacts soon.

From the Geo Angels series preferrably.

I'm gonna get the grey or blue ones.
But I have to visit my optometrist to ask them for my exact prescription.
I know, silly me for not knowing.
Well, silly them for not telling me! D:


Gerry said...

thats freaking awesome! did you get the case online? I wanted the purple elephant - but they are sold out,
Geo Angels? they look cool!
i like the Geo Wings (y)
sighs, i have to add funds to my paypal to begin shopping.
first stop, new heels and headphones ;)

- Gerry

Eri said...

Wanna a pair!