Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Been pretty busy these past few days. Let me start.

Christmas Dinner @ Jackie's

A few of my friends and I had a get together last week to celebrate a late Christmas. The host was kind enough to cook us a dinner :D.

Jackie, the 'Cook'

Adam 'pretending' to help

I really couldn't stand the smell of the cooking. I felt like vomiting D:

The second kitchen, for decoration - I know right

One of the paintings in his house

Trying to look intelligent

This reminds of Korean Drama posters

I wish I have a big house like this someday. It's so awesome.

The alcohol cabinet

Ice-cube and Snowflake
They're such good dogs. They're not aggressive at all.

Ready to eat!

Sugar encrusted rimmed glasses - Champagne is not my technique :S

Appetizer: Salami lollipops - this was SO good

Main: Chicken stuffed with mince filling, wrapped with bacon
This was my plate - the most juiciest and tenderest chicken I've ever tasted

Main: Lamb au poivre with creamy cognac peppercorn sauce
A few people preferred lamb over chicken

Side: Olive oil based angel hair pasta

After dinner, we played Trivial Pursuit. Some of the questions were hard, and it was recommended for kids 8-12 years -_-"
Of course, I won, but near the end, we realised we were playing it wrong LOL.
We talked 'til 6 in the morning and finally headed home.

Thanks Jackie, for a great meal and night :D

New Year Eve 2009

For New Years Eve, I went to the city to watch fireworks with a couple of friends.

On the train

Strolling around

My bitches haha

Stopped to eat at Mcdonalds

Spotted a cat girl - a random (left) jumped in lol

Happy New Year!

On the way home

Walking to Jennifer's at 3AM

The city was kinda awful, even though you can't see it in the pictures.
As we were making our way through to the Harbour Bridge, we got ourselves into a massive crowd and everyone was pushing and shoving.
It was PACKED. You have no idea.
The crowd suddenly stopped moving and we were no where near the Bridge yet.
I felt short of breath and I thought I was gonna faint but I was sure I wasn't claustrophobic.
I mean, I was always okay with crowds.
It was probably because I was around all these tall people.
At the same time I was going to turn around, one of my other friends wanted to get out because she couldn't stand the groping and the pushing anymore.
So 6 of us turned around and managed to get out, splitting up with the other 3.
Air never felt so good.

We decided to head back to the station but we found an opening to see the fireworks and camped there.
I didn't even hear the countdown -_-".
Most of the time, we had to wait for fireworks to show because they were being shown in other parts and we couldn't see since buildings were in the way.
The fireworks manage to suck more each year.

Anyway, we decided to head out before the fireworks finished otherwise the trains would be packed.
But we realised we had to wait for the other 3.
We finally met up an hour later and everyone was in a bad mood.
But we had to get over it since it New Year.
We didn't know what else to do so we headed to the train station.
It wasn't as packed but we took the train that had more stops.
I guess that's okay though, because we played the 'Topic' game, where you pick a topic and you name all the things to do with it.

My experience last year at the city wasn't as bad.
Well, I guess it's cos we were in the wrong place in the wrong time and we headed out too late.
Next time, if there is a next time, we should head to Darling Harbour EARLY.
But I still think watching the fireworks on TV is better since it gives you all the angles.
Well, it's spending time with people you love that counts :D.

Anyway, we got back to Cabramatta and walked to Jennifer's house so we can figure out what to do.
Adam was at a party that night so I decided to go there while everyone stayed over at Jen's.
The party was already dead when I got there and people were goneeeee.
Got home at around 8 AM and had a good sleep.


David & Thanh's 18th

Went to Habib's in Bankstown on Saturday to celebrate the 18th birthdays of two boys.

We ate in a storage room lol

The other end

One of the birthday boys (2nd to the left)


"A Family Meal" for 2 - $23: A whole charcoal chicken, plate of fries, pita bread, salad, pickes, pink radish, hummus and a bottle of coke

The chicken was average. Kinda dry. KFC would have been better but it's ok. The fries and salad were delish though.

Went back to one of the birthday boy's house to have cake and open presents.
Reminds me of year 7 haha.

The birthday boy was so spoilt! -
SF4 Tournament Edition joystick, Logitech speakers, SF4 & Tekken figurines from Japan and a watch.

The other birthday boy got a fish :).

The guys played Street Fighter and Tekken while everyone else told ghost stories.
Well, Eileen was doing all the work. That girl knows too many.
A few people were yelling unsuspectingly and touching other people, trying to freak us out. So annoying lol.

Everyone went home but 9 of us decided to go to Eileen's house to hang.

Watched 4 movies - 'One Missed Call' is freaky

We pigged out and had Macca's Snack Wraps. They're so good!
We stayed through the night and most fell asleep.
I had contacts on so I tried not to fall asleep but it took over me.
Slept at 11 AM and had a 4 hour sleep.My eyes hurt when I woke up.
We watched some 'Twilight Zone' episodes on Youtube. That show is head doing.
It was already 6PM by then and there was only 4 of us left.
Decided to go home - well I went to Adam's but that is basically my home lol.

Well that's a wrap!
Speaking of wraps, I feel like eating a Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap now...


Gerrytales said...

it's funny how you stop posting and you have to catch up on your posts later. I do that too :)
Oh new years eve was horrible, but after midnight everything brightened up.
Jackie's dinner sure was fun, that was my 2nd time staying over at a friends house til morning. Ahhh we should do that more often!
(I love Jackie's Dogs, so much i that i talk to them -_-")

- Gerry said...

sophiepophie, i know it took a lot of effort to make this post... but I think it was one of the best ones you've had. It's nice to have a friend who can cook eh? I don't really have any who can do that, only one or two. Cooking takes so much effort and it's gone in a second. The food looked awesome!!! I'm so hungry now.

HEY IT'S GERRYTALES!!! or is it? Someone who sorta looks like her. What house is that, it's like a freakin castle.

I so so wish I lived in australia. I always did. You say shopping isn't as good there, and you're right. It's so far away so things are more expensive too. But the weather and scenery is just fantastic man. You need to do a video of you speaking english, saying banana and about :) Was this the night where two people were fighting in mcdonalds?

I'm pretty sure we don't have habib's in canada... nando's chicken is the closest thing to that. The fries are turtle's btw. The entire plate.

More posts like this please. I can't see australia i'm too far away T_T said...

oh yeah! It's such a coincidence that I went to the same indian restaurant as you eh? When did you go to it? Last year? You know when you tweeted back at my picture and said "that looks like the same place I went to -.-" i just thought wow technology is so advanced, when I was a kid I had to walk 10 minutes back to school to use the freakin payphone and call mom. Now a girl across the world can see where I am instantly and reply back O.O