Sunday, January 24, 2010


Maybe it's just me, but the holidays seem to make me more lazy than I already am.
I don't do anything productive and I just waste time.
I have a book to finish, an assignment to complete and a shit load of crappy things to do in 4 days.
I am so not ready for Year 12.

Anyway, I shall update as soon as I can find my SD card reader.


Anonymous said...

You need to ask yourself why you're doing all this. Your dad? Your sister? Yourself? Your future?

Do you really want to be poor when you grow up? etc etc

When you find your reason, you will find your motivation.

Best of Luck this year! Break a leg,Sophie Pophie! And I was kidding... you should choose books over looks! LOLOLOL


Anonymous said...

Yeh, what An Says is very true, i finally just realised how stupid i was for not trying hard enough in high school. Hope you dont end up like me ;)

Gerrytales said...

Gahhh year 12 is a bum..
Everyone says they'll do their best in year 12, but only a few stuck to it. I, like many, failed to carry out that years resolution. So yeah my ATAR reflected that..
DW Sophie I'm sure you'll do better than me and anonymous LOL

<3 Gerry