Sunday, March 8, 2009

wedding bells

So I found a dress and some shoes the other day for the wedding. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to wear black to a wedding but I couldn't find any other dresses I liked and I didn't want to go shopping again D: I actually got the dress and shoes on a seperate day 'cause I couldn't find any shoes in Parramatta so I went to Liverpool the next day and went into the first shoe store and saw the shoes I wanted. Very lucky.

$50 - Forecast

$80 - Mathers

$15 - Equip

Yup, I spent $145. So much money :O And I owe my dad $200. No money for me for the next month :(

Anyway, it turned out to be okay to wear black.. a couple of ladies were wearing black. I guess it's just not good to wear white? I dunno. The wedding was in Bar Luck in Cabramatta and it started at 7.30PM. My friend picked up my boyfriend and I with his car. The bride was very pretty :) The menu was like any other menu at a Vietnamese function and the wedding was pretty small. I think there was less 200 people.

Everyone at my table was drunk by the end of the day, it was disgusting -______-". I was the only one who didn't drink besides another guy, since he was the designated driver. No one was able to drive my friend's car home since everyone drank. But my tipsy boyfriend ended up driving my friend's car and I was scared the whole way, telling him there was a red light or a person crossing lol. But we managed to get home safely.

All in all, it was an okay night.

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