Tuesday, March 17, 2009

marshmallow power!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I don't personally celebrate it and I don't really know anyone who actually does but it says Australia is one of the countries which celebrate this day. I never knew that. I guess all they do is get drunk and prance around on the street wearing green,

I wonder if leprechauns have anything to do with this celebration? I'm quite scared of them actually. I mean, I picture them to be mischievous, angry little creatures who wants to kill you for your valuables. Kinda like Chuckie. And if I saw one, they'd probably hop on my shoulder and pull my ears or something.

Yes I know, too much movies. But it's hard to think of them as that guy on the Lucky Charms cereal box. I wouldn't even call it cereal, they're freaking marshmallows.

"Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes,
Clovers, and Blue Moons,
Pots of Gold and Rainbows,
and me Red Balloons!"

Why would I want these kinds of things in my cereal?! I'm no leprechaun.

Anyway don't forget to wear green, bring around lots of shamrocks and drink, drink, drink!

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