Sunday, March 22, 2009

Basic Info

Name: Sophie
Birthdate: January 10
Birthplace: Bankstown, Australia
Current Location: Sydney, Australia

What's Your....

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Ethnicity: Vietnamese/Chinese
Favorite Food: sushi, nachos, ice cream, chips. I'm a junk food addict

Favorite Drink: lemon iced tea, orange juice and apple juice
Bedtime: varies. I try to sleep by 1 on weekdays.
Favorite Color(s): purple
Favorite Bands: too many to name

Favorite Genre: rnb, alternative rock, rock, electro, happy hardcore
Candy: Starbursts. Actually, I like all candy, 'cept black licorice
Favorite Animal: I don't really have a favourite animal
Favorite Store: General Pants Co., Sportsgirl, Bardot, Forever New, Valleygirl

Most Missed Memory: couple years ago..
Best Physical Feature: hmm, my eyes?
Overused Phrase: "i dunno"

First Thought Waking Up: "yay! school time!" note the sarcasm.
Weakness: shopping, shoes, junk food
Fears: cluster of holes/circles, bugs
School's Name: St Johns Park High School
Favorite TV Show: Neighbours, sitcoms
Major: -
Favorite Celeb: I'm not really into that stuff


Clothes: voodoo skirt, white singlet
Shoes: I don't wear shoes indoors
Make-Up: none
Hair Do: left down and gross

Phone: Nokia 6600, it's a brick. I've had this phone for 5 years. Time for a new phone?
Song: Simpsons on TV
Location: boyfriend's house
Weather: It's only 28 degress celcius but I'm feeling hot. And it's 6 PM!!
Website(s): This

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