Sunday, March 15, 2009

i hate my baby hair

I was doing this for the past 3 hours when I was suppose to be doing my English essay. Man, am I good at procrastinating.

My sister and boyfriend says it's a noob job and it looks too fake. Well, what do you expect?! This is my second attempt of manipulating a picture in Photoshop. My first was a failure. I was trying to produce longer hair but it didn't turn out well.

The second photo was done for fun. It kinda looks funny all together, huh? I think it would look better if there were only one or two, not all three.

I would really like a pair of blue contacts and a labret (lip) piercing though :)

And yes, I hate my baby hair. My hair looks funny whenever I do a pouf because of the little bits of hair sticking out in front. I don't think I'll stop having baby hair either, because even if it does grow out, I will just produce more babies.

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