Friday, June 5, 2009


My dad took me and my sister out to eat after school cause he wasn't gonna cook today since he was busy.
We ate at Pho Hien, my family friend's restaurant in Canley Heights.
I ordered bun thit nuong which is a vermicelli dish with pork and spring rolls.
And of course coconut juice to wash it all down.
It looks something like this.

No, this isn't a picture I took there.
I always bring my camera with me but I never remember to use it.
I don't know why.

Later, I went late night at Liverpool's Westfields to watch Terminator Salvation with Adam and friends.
It was a pretty good movie, but I was confused at some parts cause it kinda referred to the previous Terminator movies and I haven't watched them in so long.
Ohh, and Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in it too which was a big surprise.
But it's obviously a computerised him, lol.

And yes, I forgot to take a picture of what I wore AGAIN!
So I'm just gonna list it like before -_-"
- blue long-sleeve top ; Bluenotes - $20
- light blue skinny jeans ; Bardot - $50
- grey and black checkered bomber jacket ; Jay Jays - $40
- brown pleather handbag ; Basque - $99.95
- brown boots ; Freelance - $60

I really need to get a move on with my assessments and things.
I'm such a procrastinator and I don't like it one bit.
Oh, do you guys know any poems, novels or films that consist of a journey?
And it needs to be mature enough, not like Finding Nemo D:


ƒairytales ★彡 said...

hmm journey ..
theres alot of movies , i dont read much so novels is -.-
and poems .. theres that "central station one about immigration"
movies - look for (non-physical journeys) romantic movies = journey of love i guess . i remember i did mine on chronicles of narnia - journey to a new world and learn to love siblings blah blah
i know , sounds gay indeed T ^ T

Anonymous said...

mmmm....that looks soo good till i can taste it.