Thursday, June 18, 2009


I didn't go to the sports carnival today as I expected.
But I did go to Liverpool Westfields with Adam.
He got a bit angry though 'cause he called me at 9 AM to wake up but I ended up sleeping for an extra 2 hours :P
Anyway, we both chipped in for his new headphones since his old headset was broken.
And no, it wasn't Logitech haha.
And I bought a usb charger for my DS since my normal charger is broken, and they don't sell that in stores.
I really like it and it was only $7 :)
We were planning to buy a PS3 keyboard for his cousin's 22nd birthday but we didn't have enough money D:
Every store has a sale right now.
I want to buy shoes. and things.
I need more money D:

Soo, we went back to his house and I worked on my English assignment lol.
It's due on Friday, and only half way done.

Anyway, it's school tomorrow and I'm so not ready for it.

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