Monday, June 1, 2009

New header

So I made a new header, as you can see.
Finally, right? You guys were probably sick of the plain-worded header.
It looks like a quick job but it
actually took me quite a while.
I'm not Photoshop literate.
I really liked the underwater photoshoot of Drew Barrymore.
It must've been difficult to look pretty and be under the water at the same time.
I might do more things with the header, but this will do for now.
I wanted to something with the edges of the picture, like make it all jagged but I didn't know how D:

I stayed up making this, so appreciate it people!
It's already 3:20 AM and I have school tomorrow.
I'm off to bed now, but I know it will take me another half an hour to fall asleep -_-".
Anyway, hope you guys like it!


ƒairytales ★彡 said...

cool , that looks like Drew Barrymore. LOLOLOL! ^^

ko0ty said...

Love it =)

Sophie said...

That's cause it is Drew Barrymore LOL.