Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So much to do in so little time

I didn't go to the sport carnival today, and I don't think I will tomorrow either.
I'm just going to use this time to work on assessments.
I slept in 'til 12.30 and started working on my English assignment.
I'm actually still working on it. Well, not really lol.
I'm juggling work, eBay and blogging right now.

I better wake up early tomorrow.

I hate how everything is crammed together :(
Oh, and the maths test was ridiculously hard.

I want so many things from eBay I can hardly retain myself.

And so much more.


ƒairytales ★彡 said...

i like the last picture . the girl in white
soooo cute : )

boynextdoor said...

The leather jacket is kind of disgusting... you could do so much better with it...