Thursday, April 30, 2009


Is it me or is the cold season just getting colder every year?
I love autumn too, but it's just too damn cold. People think I can take it though since I use to live in Canada and it gets extra cold over there.

The library sucks.

It didn't have any existing books on the Phoenicians. So I'm doing Persians instead. All the books were checked out on Tutankhamen too -_-. I found out my library card is still under child which was funny. I haven't used my card in years. So I have to bring my dad along to change it.

Anyway, I'm really hungry now. I didn't eat anything al
l day. Yup, I know, I'm just a very hard worker.

I feel like an Oreo McFlurry. Mmmm.

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whitecarrs said...

hey, i randomly found your blog hope you don't mind me leaving a comment! that sucks about the cold, i live in the us so it's almost summer here for me, we're just getting to wear shorts again. ha sorry i know this is a random comment from someone you don't know but i guess thats sometimes the point of blogging?
oh yeah and i love the kooks too :)
anyway hope you don't think i'm weird but its ok if you do