Saturday, April 4, 2009

my feet hurt

So I bought the Samsung F480 in black on Thursday. Didn't realise it didn't come with the flip leather case 'til i checked in the car.

So I spent my time today walking alllll around Cabramatta, asking every phone store if they have it and they all said they don't. One store said it's not possible to fit the case onto the one I have since it's the original one.

So I went to Liverpool and every store said they sold out. It sold out pretty quick since everyone bought the original black and wanted the cool flip case :( But I left my number with one of the stores so hopefully it'll be in stock soon. I don't want scratches on my phone, ya know.

I wasn't planning on doing any shopping, but it was too hard to resist. I bought a pair of brown heels.

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