Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm sore all over

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts. Been busy these holidays.

I just got back from paintball. Went with friends from my old school. I only got an hour sleep since we had to be at the train station by 6. Crazy. It was a very painful experience. And expensive. I spent $150 today :S. I really suck at it, I think I only shot 1 or 2 people. I didn't even past halfway through the field, all I did was camp in one spot. I got all these bruises and a cut on my index finger. It really hurts bad when you get hit on bare skin. Best of all, we each got a whole pizza from Dominoes but I didn't finish it, lol. My Pumas got dirty real bad though, and I just cleaned it :(

I went Utopia Homegrown2 on Saturday night at Acer Arena. I didn't really like the music they were playing. Like, it didn't get to me. Meh. But other than that, it was awesome. Of course, I did nothing illegal, lol. All I did was dance all nightttttt. I mean, you don't need to take anything to have fun. The boys didn't really dance though, they just sat there doing what they do best...

I feel like dressing up next time I go to an event. You're able to dress however you want, without being seen as a slut, haha. Except maybe, Halloweeen. But we don't celebrate it here, unfortunately.

We got back home at 7 in the morning and I was so exhausted, cold and hungry, I just jumped into my warm, cosy bed. I woke up at 3 in the afternoon and I went out to eat steak with some friends. Medium-done is nasty. We went Liverpool to watch The Fast and The Furious. It was okay. The cars are per-ty :) But I know nothing about cars, lol.

Yeah, fun stuff.

Sad thing is, there's only one more week left 'til school starts. And I didn't even start reading "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" for English D:

Well, I am going to go watch some Simpsons and drink some Pepsi. I know, I said I don't like soft drinks but I just have an absurd craving for it atm. Cya.

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