Monday, May 4, 2009


There's something appealing about Japanese people.
They just look so confident which I guess is the key.
I bet they can even wear a rag and pull it off.
If I wore something like this, it would just look outdated and awkward on me.
Maybe it's their pretty face or their hair.
Man, am I jealous of their flowy hair.
I need to get me some long hair, lol.


Pop Champagne said...

the purple dress is sooooo CUTE!!! I want it!!

just another story said...

hahaha i like the first one's outfit xP

i know tell me about it! japanese people are like .. asian versions of american's or something .. (i heard that from somewhere .. LOL!) you don't need to envy them =) you look hot yourself :)

sophie i'm going to link you! =) link me too xD