Sunday, July 25, 2010

Very, very, very late update.

I've abandoned this blog for way too long.
I just don't have my heart in it anymore.
But people have been wanting an update, so here it is!

Year 12 is taking its toll on me as you can tell from my previous posts lol.
My last ever assessments in high school were last week so now everyone's focusing on trials, which are in 2 weeks.
I failed my last maths exam so I'm relying on trials and HSC to regain my 'ok' mark.
Even if I only just pass, it's still good enough for me!
Failing in a subject is just a no-no.

I don't get why I'm doing so bad in maths.
I've chosen the worse year to fail!!!!
It's too hard, with it's stupid equations and graphs and numbers that don't make sense :'(
And you can't really study, ya know? You just have to be naturally smart.
I can't believe I use to do 3unit as well.
it's funny cos I did better when I did 3unit -___-.
The point is, I HATE MATHS.

I'm suppose to be working on my Society and Culture major (PIP) right now but mehh.
It's not due 'til next month, but we're expected to hand in the finished product tomorrow so my teacher can check it over and fix anything that needs to be fixed.
I'm not NEARLY finished yet, yet alone, started writing anything!
Do you think I can finished a 6000 word project by tomorrow?!
But my friend hasn't even chosen a topic yet (CRAZY), so that slightly makes me feel better lol.

Anyway, getting hungry, so I'll end this post here.
Hopefully, I'll post again soon!


Gerrytales said...

Ah my god! It has been ages since you've last posted!
I hope you do start blogging more. Really miss reading your rants and fashion posts :/
Goodluck for the HSC, and getting that 6000 word essay done!

TC <3 said...

Good she listened to me and updated for me. FOR ME.

I hope you do well in your last year of school >< I wasn't great at math either so don't worry too much about it.

-I whipped my phone out when I drove by jane and finch cuz I thought of you. Omg we got what we needed from that area and my friend was like 'let's get the hell out of here' LOL (I live far away from there in case you are wondering).

I would like to ask. You know who alexander wang is? because many people dont have a clue. Some girls I asked don't know him either :S Even though they sell his clothing in hong kong!! Do you own any of his stuff? Like his shoes or whatever?