Monday, April 5, 2010

Fast internet


I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to, I know. And I haven't been checking up on the blogs I follow either.

Even though it's holidays now, I've been busy. Well, I really haven't been doing much but I still feel busy for some reason. Maybe cos I know I have a heap of things to do before school starts.

I've been staying at my boyfriend's since the holidays but his internet is currently capped and it doesn't get uncapped 'til AFTER holidays which means no blog checking or tumblr-ing for me :(. Which means I had to resort to my DS but that was soon out of battery after a day and I left my DS charger at home. So now I'm catching up on two chapters of maths, ugh.

As for my boyfriend, all he does is play games all day. He wakes up much earlier than me just to play and he stays up much later than me just to play. I tell him he really needs to do something with his life but he doesn't care because games is his life. But ever since he got capped, he is srsly bored since he can't do much.

So I realised that the sole factor of our happiness is fast internet. Yeah, yeah, we have each other, but we can do so much more with fast internet D:.

It's kinda sad actually... but I guess it shows how much of an impact technology has on us.

The beloved computer

Oh, and I've started using this new shampoo (black bottle to the right), Sunsilk Longer & Stronger, in hopes of gaining longer hair quicker. It makes my hair more softer and less oily though, I like :D.

4 comments: said...

This sounds like a terrible holiday sophpoph. If I lived in australia I'd drag you and the boy out to the city and watch as I spend the day taking pictures of life~

What game you playing on DS?

The video game phase will end don't worry. As he grows up he'll get bored of it and want to spend time doing other things :) I'm at least 5 years your senior, trust me!

And yay for silky non oily korean celebrity hair. Turtle favourite.

Gerrytales said...

ohh wow Adam sure is a game addict =|
Why don't you guys go out and stuff? it's holidays lol
Me and Jackie are planning another dinner, so yeah you and Adam are def coming :) It's gonna be at An's place so yeah, gotta plan some more nows.
How have you been man? Haven't seen/spoken to you in a billion years. I only get updated via twitter hahas. Neway I hope everything's doing good. Til next time!
<3 said...

Time for a blog update kiddo

:) said...

i want update -_-