Monday, March 15, 2010

I don't want this site to turn into one of those makeup/fashion blogs. There's too much of them and I don't want to compete with that or be compared to them.


I feel really sad? I'm really sick of venting about school work. But I think I'm struggling. My motivation is making it to university but it's not really working for me.

And since my friends just entered their first of uni, I'm hearing all these negative things about it, like the enormous amount of workload, the people there, the travelling. Kinda makes you lose motivation doesn't it, lol.

But I can't blame 'em.. I'll probably be complaining about it twice as much once I get in, just like how I complain about high school.

All I ever do is complain. I hate it.

Anyways, time do start on my assessment which is in less than 12 hours.


Gerrytales said...

Dw Sophie, we complain but deep down we're happy as for getting in.
I've been moody lately too. Sigh we should plan a get together once our work loads out of the way

Take Care buddy,

Anonymous said...

Hey Bitch !
The upside of uni is there is ALOT of freedom (something which I'm sure you love). The weird people, the workload etc etc is all competing each other to ruin your life, but if you look at the whole picture... it's teaching you to manage your time... testing your patience, developing your social skills (YES HAVE TO TALK TO THOSE WEIRD KIDS).

* * *

Well here's some motivation for ya : D Think of it this way. THE HSC is like your L's test. It's the first step. It's a test.

If you don't get your Ls (like me).... you get called an idiot.

Only when you pass your Ls can you get everything else.

Do you want to come out as a winner?

Or do you want to be one of those losers (like me) who gave up and said "well nope... i just cant be bothered... well cos... I just can't be bothered"

There's this particular quote that inspired me.

"Education is the root of money."

Do you want money? Cos if you want money, you need an education.

In conclusion, we're all doing it for the money.

If you want money, you should push yourself to get through it.

Cos if you dont, one day youre gonna be explaining to your kids... why you didn't get through the HSC...

...and why you have no money : D

-Ryan said...

Good, because I don't want another makeup blog I somehow subscribe to lol. I love all my readers, but sometimes they post mascara reviews and I just don't know whether to buy it or cry.

I'm sick of venting about everything. But sophiepophie I must tell you this. Try not to bug a friend about the same issue too many times. I did that once in my life and I kind of regret, they are not venting machines (get it, vending machines - venting macAHAHAHAHA ahhhh...). Hearing the same problem for any friend gets annoying.

University is not a negative thing and I don't know what's wrong with your friends. They should switch schools if they aren't happy with where they are. High school was memories I will never forget, friends I still talk to... laughs that make me smile just thinking about them. But university is where I grew up and turned into an adult sophie. I walked into that damn school as a child and I walked out a man. There is no exaggeration in this statement. I watched my friends grow up before my eyes, turn from girls into ladies, dress maturely, and that makes it truly an experience you have to go through.

There that should be enough motivation to get sophie working :)

Ken said...

way to go
theree are too many of those blogs!

cheerilyhappy said...

there are really too many fashion and makeup blogs out there ._.

i wish you good luck with uni :) challenges just make you better ;D btw, which university are u going to in sydney?? i'm coming to study one term in sydney in 3 months :)

cheerilyhappy said...

going to unsw :)