Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Secret Santa / DFO

Got my Secret Santa presents today. I know it's a bit late, but I didn't see anyone from my school in the holidays.

These were from Jullia:
Bayonelle 12 Piece Professional Cosmetic Brush Set


Meet Snowball

The toy is soo cute! Can't believe she made it. And I'm pretty happy with the brushes. I want to collect a massive load of them at the moment.

Went to DFO on the weekends with a few friends to buy a gift for my friend's upcoming 18th. Can't say what it is just yet 'cos she might read my blog.

I got myself a few things too:

Batman, Elmo & Superman underwear from Bras 'N Things

Cotton On tee

This shirt is a V-Day present for Adam, but I gave it to him once I got to his house that day. I couldn't wait 'til next week lol.

Anyway, there were these two pairs of boots I really, really, and I mean REALLY, wanted at Table 8 in DFO.
But one of them didn't have my size so I was planning to buy the other one.
But just as I went to withdraw money, I realised I forgot my keycard!
I know... how can I forget my keycard when I go shopping?!
So hopefully it'll still be there when I go back.
Sigh, I love DFO ♥.

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