Saturday, February 13, 2010



Yes, yes, it's a fake.

I use to think fakes shouldn't be allowed to exist, not just because of unethical reasons, but also because it just disgusted me. It's a cheap replica and I just would not touch them with a 10 foot pole.

Well, it'd be okay if they didn't have the brand name on it, but that'd be called a dupe, wouldn't it?

But lately, I've been seeing everyone carrying around unauthentic pieces and they are actually happy with them.

And it made me realise - I'm only 18, I don't have a job and my only income is on $200 a fortnight (which is not enough, mind you).

And then I thought, what the heck? I'm never going to be able to save up a couple of grand 'til I'm 30. Why not just live my life as a cheap-ass of an adolescent?!

Then a $40 bag on eBay came sprawling past, and I found myself bidding frantically just to win a "cheap replica". And I won. Then I realised what I had done and I saw a welcoming bright light coming from the Road of Fakes.

But I'll probably still be self-conscious while carrying this bag around. I mean, I know everyone will be asking me, "Is that real?!" and then I'd reply with a chuckle, "No, I wish!". And we'd both laugh it off while in the back of my head, I'm thinking of burning the bag and burying myself alive.

Ahh, only time will tell.

But hey, it looks pretty good doesn't it? :D


Gerrytales said...

The bag looks real for fake :D
I own something fake too---- the Channel necklace Ryan gave me.

Dw Sophie, I don't think people will come up and ask you if it's fake. Most likely they'll just stare and ponder. At least your isn't like those "obvious" fakes
e.g. Bape hoodies that TB's wear

nice lipstick collection btw

<3 Gerry

Anonymous said...

That bag looks so fugly to me :(
Is Miu Miu even expensive? I'd rather you wear a fake of something really expensive than a fake of something in the mid-range.

I'm okay with fakes unless they're over the top and just look totally obvious. 'Cos when you take a picture, no one will know it's fake.

-Ryan said...

OMGOODNESS where did all these updates come from??? It just exploded! Okay let's see here...

I think it's fine to use fakes for purses when at your age :) I think it WOULDN'T be fine if you had a real one. One time my friend and I were sitting in high school, these girls were near us so we started talking. And my friend couldn't resist, asked her how much her lv purse was. $700 CAD (it was a tiny one). For a grade 10 high school girl? These people are freakin spoiled. That is insanity... but! Do not buy fake shoes. That is a no no even for me, 1-shoe freaks will beat you to death on the street. 2-they could unglue while you are walking! Chinese knock offs will do that! How do I get home if my shoe fell apart??

-your ouftit was very nice. Jeans and heels <3

-strathfield for korean food... were the waiters/waitresses good looking? gerry and I had a talk about that once lol. bibimbap is so good, but I ate it for 3 weeks non stop and I got too sick of it :S A while back on my hockey post, I had kimchi rice with cheese, wrapped in an omlette. Sophiepophie, I tasted heaven that day. GERRYTALES WAS THERE WITH YOU TOO!!! What phone were you using. Viewty? iphone?

-you guys bought chloe shoes? That's a gift I have never received from friends :)

-can i be friends with jackie T_T what kind of house is that holy moly. The food looked so good man.

-I hope you had the most wonderful birthday ever, surrounded by friends and family. Canada misses you Sophie~ We are currently hosting the olympics! The australian dale greg-smith won silver, but all canadians hate him because he's canadian born/hates us and defected to your country. He owns a virus making company so we curse him a little bit, sorry aussies ><


replying to your comment, you are wonderful to even leave me one:

-downsview hasn't changed at all since you last went to school. Finch station hasn't changed either. The crappy car dealership/mcdonalds is still nearby, fucking idomo is still across the street (the creepiest furniture store in the world), it's remarkable how finch station has looked the same for 15 years straight. Like crap. LOL

-I couldn't find a bandaid store! Everything was closed! The convenience store didnt have any! My friends didn't have any! I was like what the... how could nobody have a bandaid?

-Yes you can plug the ps3 into my computer monitor, I never leave my room because everything is in it =D Street fighter 4 is coming out on itouch/iphone, i think maybe your boy is going to get it and just never look up again :)

-I thanked you in my "thank you" post a while back, did you see it? I just wanted to make sure you knew you were recognized. Thanks <3

From canada with glowing hearts,


Marcella said...

I think it's totally justified to buy a copy when the original is priced so unattainably for your income. There's nothing wrong with buying a bag that you admire the style of, so long as you're not buying it just so you can say you've got a Miumiu, which you're not :)