Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy chap

Got my phone back,
bought a shit load of things,
donated 2 bucks to charity,
done my dailies on fb and
getting contacts tomorrow.

Life is sweet.

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i thought you didn't use fb :P or does it stand for something else hehe. Oh jeez I should do that 25 things and put it on my blog for you I forgot about that >< I'll get to it soon. Sophie when does school start in australia anyway? our terms are completely different ya? And so do all aussies call bubble tea -> happy cup? it seems strange to name it after a franchise :S lucky cup copycats LOL. Yeah I will visit australia one day...

I love harry potter too! but around the 4th book I started getting lazy from reading period and that's when I stopped! I heard some random spoilers which drove me nuts but I've kind of forgotten about them now so all is good. What's with girls and twilight man. Is that guy that great lookin?? I saw a t shirt at chapters which said "I like boys who sparkle" in the twilight shrine section. How do you pop back and forth between canada and australia, and leave random stuff here that's nuts girl~

convocation is just university grad. you know go up shake president's hand take degree walk off. Throw hats in air. Yeah I really really did like her... almost 10 years. lol if you really wanna hear the story jot down an email address for me (can be a random one you don't use very often) and I'll send you my story... I wrote it up a month ago and i guess it's kind of interesting. One of those experience things.

Another person who saw Up without me. All my friends saw up with their boyfriends and gfs and not Kevin. I'll never get to watch movies if I don't have a girlfriend, nobody cares about me anymore. Sigh >< And yeah niagara falls was pretty! You don't remember the name of the "street" either okay I'll find it on th emap somehow. I AM SCARED OF BEES TOO. I FLIP the FUCK out when I see a bee I don't know why! I almost got arrested once because I ran away from a bee (long story).

I get so many readers? It's only 23 girl!! Maybe my pictures? My funny write ups? If you put a followers box you would get many too. Girls get readers so easy because of make up and stuff... I have to beg to get people following me sigh. I see this girl, she writes stupid stuff but has 150 people following. I pour my heart out to the world and 23 pity me. One person followed twice. *hears sophie laughing*

Aussie rules football yeah I heard about that. I have no idea how rugby works, but I know australia always plays Asian countries... like Hong Kong Sevens or whatever. So far away we are Sophie. So so far. I'm thinking of moving to australia one day though. Closer to hong kong where my family is. I'm sick of the snow.

Thanks for always reading my blog Sophie. I mean it. said...

sorry for making these comments longgger and longggerrr ><